Azealia Banks Calls Nicki Minaj a “Wack B*tch,” Tells Cardi B: “Leave These Dirty B*tches Where They Are”

Azealia Banks is all sorts of renowned for sounding off with her opinions about everything – including her peers.

Case in point her weigh-in on the seemingly daily feuds erupting between many female rappers of late on social media.

Specifically, on the mind, it appears, was this week’s spar between Cardi B and JT from the City Girls.

As reported

, the ladies locked horns and jabs flew like fireworks on the 4th of July.

The shenanigans saw various fan groups roped into the fray and Cardi and foe Nicki Minaj (who appeared to make her opinions known, albeit subtly) engage in clear back-and-forth.

Head below to see what Ms. Banks, who was shopping in Home Depot at the time, had to say…

Beginning, she said:

“Hello, this is Azealia Banks. I am here at Home Depot to tell all you f*cking Rap b*tches that y’all are some f*cking chickenhead b*tches. The fact that this b*tch that would not give a f*ck about you on any other day, would never collab with you, never share her platform with you…is making you b*tches risk your own f*cking platforms, your own f*cking sh*t, your own reputation to do her dirty work that she’s too scared to do. All of you b*tches look stupid. Each and every one of y’all.”

Voicing an appreciation for Cardi, Banks continued:

Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Cried For Cardi B's Friendship

“From the very beginning, I always supported Cardi B. That’s like my lil’ Spanish mami from middle school. I’m from Washington Heights and Harlem. I know [girls like] that girl. And the fact that all y’all girls is letting your Spanish girl jealousy fly right now is so f*cking dusty.”

Getting more specific, she sunk her claws into Minaj while seemingly giving advice to the ‘WAP’ rapper:

“Cardi, stop taking the bait. You did shit that n*ggas in Rap can’t do you have a Diamond single. You got a Grammy. This b*tch been in the game for years [and hasn’t got what you have].

She’s mad because she lost. Let her take that ‘L’ and you stay out of it. Please. Don’t let none of these b*tches that haven’t put the work in or that don’t have no swag, no clever lyrics, no nothing [draw you out]. Like, why are you talking to these girls? Leave these dirty b*tches where they are, please. 

Talk your sh*t, but don’t walk into this sh*t with these wack ass b*tches. Because Nicki is a wack b*tch. Nicki is a wack b*tch!

Like after all this personal growth that we’ve seen you do, the last thing I want to see is you in jail.”

Watch the jaw-dropping clip:

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