Bebe Rexha has engaged in the never-ending debate about who is the better woman between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B as a rapper

Bebe Rexha Nicki Over Cardi in Female Rap … But That’s Just My Opinion


Bebe Rexha has waded into the never-ending debate over who’s the better femcee between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B … and from her POV, it’s no contest when it comes to raw talent.

The singer sounded off — in a very respectful way, of course — on an IG Live she did this weekend … where she and a pal went back and forth on the merits of the argument, and BR ended up landing mostly Nicki’s camp in terms of who she prefers as the queen of rap.

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Check out how she breaks this down … Bebe seems to think Nicki’s longevity and quality as been top-notch for a long time, plus she admires the fact that she writes her own rhymes.

Bebe’s friend here jumps to defend Cardi in the same breath, noting she’s quite talented too … but concedes that it’s well-known she doesn’t always put pen to paper for her own lyrics, and might outsource that part of the job at times.

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Both of them say this isn’t meant to pit the two ladies against each other — which they say happens far too often, for no reason other than to rile up one another’s respective bases.

With that said … Bebe makes it clear, she simply likes Nicki’s rapping ability more — but notes she does appreciate Cardi’s personality and authenticity more than anything.

As we all know … Nicki and Cardi have had beef in the past, and every now and then — there seems to be jabs taken from either side online … but more so among their fans.

With that said, Cardi and Nicki continue to be among the most popular female MCs today.

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