Call of Duty streamer bags 14,000 kills in a Nicki Minaj skin over 76-hour grind to be the first to unlock Modern Warfare 3’s most elusive camo

Call of Duty streamer bags 14,000 kills in a Nicki Minaj skin over 76-hour  grind to be the first to unlock Modern Warfare 3's most elusive camo |  GamesRadar+

Nicki Minaj holding a pink gun in Call of Duty

Following a 76-hour grind and several sleepless nights, one streamer has allegedly become the first person in the world to unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s most coveted camo.

Every annual Call of Duty has its own highly sought-after Mastery Camo, which is usually a weapon skin with a snazzy special effect sprinkled on top. Modern Warfare 3’s hard-to-get skin is called the Interstellar camo, which emulates entire galaxies shifting around on your weapon’s surface.

To unlock the Interstellar Camo in Modern Warfare 3, however, is a significant challenge. Or at least a considerable time sink. The Interstellar camo only unlocks after you’ve completed every other camo challenge for the 36 weapons currently in the game – pistols, snipers, and grenade launchers included. Those challenges might ask you to kill a certain number of enemies with a longshot or take down enemies without taking damage – and would normally take the average player months to unlock.

But Twitch streamer Reidboyy has seemingly become the first person in the known universe to unlock the universe-spanning skin, just four days after Modern Warfare 3’s full release.

“It took him just under 76 hours,” fan account Modern Warzone wrote on social media, “No, he has not showered.” Reidboyy also says he killed 14,000 players in-game to achieve the feat, all while fitted with the glorious Nicki Minaj skin.

The Interstellar camo is admittedly cool, but most people will never be able to dedicate the time and effort towards the cosmetic. Though Reidboyy has some potential advice on social media for fellow grinders who are struggling with the grenade launcher’s difficult challenges: “Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t there supposed to be a new gun being added to ME3 in a few days? And you only need to get 36 guns to unlock Interstellar? You get what I’m saying?”

To gain the competitive edge in your own Interstellar grinds, check out how to use Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s new tactical stance. For more convenient cosmetics, here’s what’s in the game’s first Battle Pass.

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