Cardi B, coming to McDonald’s to enjoy a collaborative meal, was met by a large crowd of people

Cardi B & Offset Hit Up Times Square McDonald’s … Lovin’ Our Collab Meal!!!


Instagram / @iamcardib
Cardi B and Offset are spendin’ Valentine’s Day together at the golden arches for the unveiling of their collab meal, and they certainly weren’t alone … because a MASSIVE swarm of fans met them there.

The happy couple hit up the Times Square McDonald’s Tuesday, and if ya didn’t know that location is one of the busiest in the world … you’d definitely know it after seeing the scene the couple created.


Instagram / @iamcardib, @offsetyrn
The entire staff was eagerly waitin’ for them too, cheering them on as they walked up to the counter to get their grub bags.

They also had a kiss cam in the building for Cardi and Offset to snap some pics — and they even ended up on the Jumbotron outside the restaurant for all of Times Square to see!

TMZ broke the story … sources connected to the couple told us they shot their Super Bowl ad around Christmas time, and the final product introduced the couple’s new meal to millions of viewers on Sunday.

cardi meal

For those interested, the Cardi B & Offset meal comes with some burgers, a large fry (to share, duh) some drinks and an apple pie “to keep it sweet” — okurr!!!