Cardi B drives women cra.zy with the cr.azi.est diamo.nd-encru.sted nails that only she can pull offaccentuate your hands in a style like no other.

It seems that Cardi B is especially interested in accentuating her hands in a style like no other.

In addition to the nickname “big sister of the rap industry”, netizens sometimes joke and call Cardi B the “queen of overacting” because of her chaotic appearances with one-of-a-kind outfits. However, it seems that Cardi B doesn’t just stop at clothes, she is also very interested in going “exaggerated” with accessories to enhance her beauty. Her recent actions on her personal page must have proven that.

Cardi B always steals the spotlight at events thanks to her special “outrageous” style.

Specifically, the female rapper shared with fans a close-up photo of her recently completed nails. Of course, a passion for nail art is not unusual for women, especially when Cardi B is still a celebrity. However, contrary to the expectations of receiving praise from netizens, Cardi B made many people shiver because her nails were… less luxurious because of the extremely disturbing length of her stripes.

Pregnant Cardi B unveils insane diamond-covered acrylic nails

The female rapper excitedly shared pictures of her nails on her personal page with her fans.

Cardi B’s husband – rapper Offset was also suddenly “called out” by netizens because they… were quite worried about him in expressing his affection for his beloved wife. Obviously, the length of her nails not only causes inconvenience for Cardi but also affects other people.

This is not the first time Cardi B has scared netizens because of her nails. Many times when she appears at events, fans can’t help but wonder how she can manage with such bulky and inconvenient nails.

Cardi B especially likes long, pointed nails and decorated with many accessories.

The more elaborate, the more impressive is the top criterion for the nails of the owner of the hit I like it.

Whether seen from afar or close up, the “huge” size of the nails makes many people quite shy when exposed to them.

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