Cardi B gives Chrisean Rock advice on new motherhood and postpartum depression

Cardi B Offers Chrisean Rock Advice About Being a New Mom

Cardi B is offering Chrisean Rock maternal advice following the birth of Rock’s new baby boy with Blueface.

Cardi B Gives Chrisean Rock Advice on Being New Mom

On Monday (Sept. 11), TMZ caught up with Cardi B in New York City and asked the Grammy winning rapper if she had any words of wisdom for new mom Chrisean Rock.

“What I would advise is that whenever you start to feel emotional, that means you might not think it’s postpartum, but it’s postpartum,” Cardi B, a mother of two children by Offset, offered. “So when that happens, go outside, take a breather, go drink some coffee, go eat some lunch on your own. When you’re, like, a new mom, your new schedule overwhelms you. So, just do something that, you know, calms you down and that’s peaceful.”

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 Chrisean Rock Gives Birth to Blueface’s Child

On Sept. 3, Chrisean Rock gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Chrisean Jesus Malone. The birth has already sparked new drama with the child’s father, Blueface, who has expressed displeasure in his son’s name and threatened to file for custody of their child.

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See video of Cardi B giving Chrisean Rock motherly advice following the birth of her son with Blueface below.

Watch Cardi B Share Sage Advice to Chrisean Rock About Being a New Mom

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