Cardi B has die-hard fans all over the world, one special member from BardiGang revealed a giant tattoo based on the rapper’s face

Cardi B has devoted fans all over the world, and one special member from the Austrian chapter of the BardiGang proved her love for the rapper is everlasting.

The Blast spoke with Cardi super fan Haida, who currently lives in Upper Austria and considers herself a devotee of the hip-hop star.

Cardi B Tattoo

Haida, whose current favorite Cardi song is “Money,” recently sat for 17.5 hours and paid over $2,200 to complete a half sleeve of Cardi on her right arm. She tells us the first session took 8.5 hours and the second session was 9 hours.

The art also includes lyrics from Cardi’s verse in the popular track, “Motorsport,” with the Migos and Nicki Minaj.

We’re told Haida got in touch with local Austrian artist Stanimir Stoychev, who specializes in portraits, to commission the piece.

Cardi B Superfan Tattoo Contest Free Tickets

Haida’s ink went viral after she tagged Cardi in her social media post, and the rapper shared it with her millions of followers. The “I Like It” rapper said she wanted to get in touch with the girl, but Haida tells us so far nobody from Cardi’s camp has reached out.

Haida tells us she has not yet seen Cardi perform live, mostly because the rapper has not yet made her way to Austria, but the 19-year-old fan is hoping she can make it Spain in May when Cardi is scheduled to perform.

Maybe Cardi can hook Haida up with some tickets and the two can share a schnitzel.
The tattoo a Cardi B superfan got in honor of the rapper, originally posted to Instagram by tattoo artist Alan Morris. Courtesy of Alan Morris/Instagram
A Cardi B superfan took her obsession with the rapper to the next level by getting a massive tattoo of the star’s face on her thigh. After posting the design on Instagram, Cardi took notice — and she might just be inviting her biggest supporter over for her next family gathering.

On Saturday, October 19, the mom to 15-month-old daughter Kulture, shared a photo of the tattoo with her fans on Instagram. Since she posted the pic, it’s brought in over a million likes and over 10,000 comments. She captioned the jaw-dropping design, “Wow 😱😱😱Lets link! Free Cardi [concert] tickets for life. You’re even invited to my family events.”

Cardi didn’t tag anyone in the photo, but according to the comments section, the tat belongs to a 22-year-old Australian fan named Maddie Blackwell. Her Instagram bio says, “Obsessed with Cardi B” and she posted a photo of the enormous tattoo on her feed, too. She credits the colorful, impeccable artwork to her fiance, Alan Morris (a.k.a. @alan_morris_tattoo on the ‘gram).

Morris commented on Cardi B’s photo, “I did this tattoo for my fiance, Madeline. To say she is a superfan is an understatement. She is so in love with this, thanks so much for sharing!”

Cardi’s husband, Offset, was impressed with the fresh ink, too. He commented on the photo, “That’s real Love 🔥❤️.” Beauty maven Manal Shaikh commented, “That tattoo artist deserves a mention because DAMN! Best one I’ve seen.” And another fan felt inspired, commenting, “If all I gotta do to get free Cardi for life tickets and invited to fam events is to get a tat of Cardi, I’m down.”

The “I Like It” hitmaker is no stranger to giant tattoos herself. Just last week, she added a massive piece of body art to her already impressive canvas. She got a floral design, brought to life by California-based artist Jamie Schene. The giant inking starts at the top of her thigh and extends all the way up her back to her neck.

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