Cardi B is defending Will Smith against rumors that he has feelings for Duane Martin, accusations Smith denies

Smith has denied the allegations

Rapper Cardi B and actor Will Smith.

Cardi B is coming to Will Smith‘s defense in the face of a rumor that he had a sexual encounter with Duane Martin, an allegation that Smith denies. Cardi B took to Instagram Live to address the story and express her support for Smith. While she didn’t comment on the truthfulness of the claim, she did assert that Smith is unproblematic and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Cardi B brought up Smith’s horoscope sign, Libra, and shared her belief that Libras are constantly tested by others until they eventually reach their breaking point. This seems to be a reference to Smith’s infamous slap at the Oscars. She believes it is unfair when people are pushed to their limits and then judged when they react.

Jada Smith responds to sex accusations about Will Smith

Cardi B also expressed her frustration with the fact that anyone can say anything about anyone on a big platform and it can gain significant attention, even if it’s baseless.

The rapper specifically called out Tasha K, the blogger who aired the rumor about Smith. It’s worth noting that Cardi B successfully sued Tasha K for defamation and is owed about $3.4 million in a judgment. Just a few weeks ago, Cardi B seemed to soften her stance on enforcing the payout, but now she appears to be reversing course.

She criticized Tasha K for allowing someone claiming to be a former friend/assistant of Smith to make such a wild allegation on her podcast. Cardi B believes that this kind of behavior needs to stop immediately.

Tasha K has been in troubles before

It’s worth mentioning that Tasha K has been in legal trouble before, as she was recently sued by R. Kelly. With Jada Pinkett Smith suggesting that she may also take legal action, Tasha K could find herself facing another lawsuit.

While Cardi B may have been willing to show leniency towards Tasha K in the past, it seems that she has changed her tune. It wouldn’t be surprising if she now pursues the money owed to her as a way to make a statement.

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