Cardi B References Mic Incident in Hilarious Housewives Tagline, If She’d Return to Reality TV


Cardi B drops by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live clubhouse to dish on collaborations, fashion, music icons, her surprise go-to karaoke song, the state of stripping, and whether she’d ever consider a return to reality television.

If there’s one thing you can guarantee with a Cardi B appearance, it’s a good time. The rapper did not disappoint with her latest visit to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, talking everything from the state of strippers today to reality television, music icons and a hilarious takedown of her own fashions.

The former stripper and reality television star touched on both of her past professions, saying that she believes dancers today have gotten “lazy.” The topic came up when she was asked how much she tips now that she’s made it.

“I overdo it,” Cardi said, per Yahoo! suggesting that she drops about a grand. The problem, as she sees it, is that today’s dancers don’t go as hard. “I feel like back then the strippers danced a little harder,” she said. “Like now, the girls won’t even climb the pole.”

As for reality television, Cardi gave a classic Cardi answer when Andy asked the Love & Hip-Hop alum if she would ever consider a return to the format, maybe in a show chronicling her life with Offset and their children.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind but I kind of mind,” Cardi said, smiling coyly. She then added a possible explanation for her caution, noting, “I would get canceled every day.”

Luckily, even if she were to get canceled, it doesn’t seem like it would get under her skin. When Andy asked if criticism penetrates her, she replied, “It does penetrate me, but then I get over it. It’s like, ‘Look at you, you’re a bum.'”

He also asked her what her Real Housewives tagline would be, and she definitely served face whiie delivering an iconic line. “The only thing I throw harder than mics … is shade!” she said.

Cardi went viral recently for an actual incident where she hurled a microphone at a fan after she had a drink thrown on her at a show in Las Vegas. Despite rumors, Cardi will not face charges for the incident, while the mic was auctioned off for charity.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cardi and Andy talked about dream collaborations and celebrity interactions. It turns out that Cardi, despite her outgoing personality, is both shy about celebs and very in her head about working with her heroes.

She laughed that she’s so careful before she approaches anyone about working together for fear that they may not like a song she sends them, which would hurt her feelings.

“I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, I love you so much, I don’t want to hate you,'” she laughed.

When it comes to face-to-face celebrity encounters, Cardi says it doesn’t go much better for her as she has a tendency to “freeze up,” as covered by Page Six.

“You ever seen that Summer Walker meme where she’s like this,” said Cardi, mimicking the stiff pose the R&B artist hit on the 2019 Soul Train Awards red carpet. “I always freeze up. I rarely talk.”

“A lot of celebrities go to people I work with and they be like, ‘I don’t think she likes me,'” Cardi revealed. “And it’s like, no, I love them. I just like get mute. I don’t even know what to say. I’m really shy.”

That said, she did confess to an unexpected relationship during a round of “Plead the Fifth.” Andy asked her the most famous person to slide into her DMs and it wasn’t some dude trying to get with her or be creepy at all. Instead, it was Serena Williams.

When he asked if they were friends, Cardi said, “We’re not buddies, but when we see each other, we have, like, real woman-woman talks, like, wow,” adding with a smile, “She gets me.”

Andy then asked her about her Grammy nominations, asking which of them burned the most. After a pause, she admitted it was “Bodak Yellow.” The 2017 track earned her her first two nominations. She lost both to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.”

“But then I won last year,” the rapper added with a laugh, though her Grammy win actually came in 2019 when she won Best Rap Album for her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy. She’s been nominated nine times.

Another woman who is a close friend is Lil Kim, which spawned a viewer asking when the two of them would hook up for a collaboration. The answer was similar to her overall anxiety about asking people to collaborate, but with even more layers.

“The thing is that I want us to have such a great, undeniable song because I know people are gonna judge it, be so harsh on us,” Cardi explained, “So I want to make sure that it’s like the greatest song.”

Throughout the interview, Cardi was always good for a laugh, cracking Andy up over and over again. At one point, completely unprompted and while discussing their mutual love for Madonna, Cardi started talking about favorite lovemaking songs.

She then offered up a hilarious take from her “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion, saying, “I asked Megan what is her favorite to-do love song. Well, she said she likes to hear her own ass clapping.”

She then revealed, to tie it back to the topic, that hers is Madonna’s “Erotic.” Elsewhere, she admitted that her go-to karaoke song even more epic as she started singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Some of her best comments, though, came when she and Andy went back in time to look at some of her earliest fashion efforts. Andy just about fell out when she looked at one early look and said, “Oh my gosh, my titties were on the floor, hon!”

To another, she quipped, “She’s horny.” You can check out Cardi’s reactions to some of her classic looks below.

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