Cardi B said she wanted “bad luck” and that made Ellen run off the stage in anger

Cardi B is one of the most successful and popular rappers in the world, but she also has a sense of humor and a knack for making fun of herself.

The Grammy-winning artist recently posted a video on her YouTube channel where she revealed that she wants bad luck in her life. Why?

Because she believes that bad luck brings good luck, and she wants to have more blessings and opportunities in the future.

In the video, titled “Cardi B Wants Bad Luck”, the rapper explained her logic behind her unusual wish.

She said that she noticed that whenever something bad happened to her, something good would follow soon after.

For example, she said that when she was pregnant with her daughter Kulture, she had a lot of complications and difficulties, but she also had a lot of success and fame.

She also said that when she had a fight with Nicki Minaj at a fashion show, she got a lot of backlash and criticism, but she also got a lot of offers and deals.

Cardi B said that she wanted to test her theory and see if bad luck would bring her more good luck. She said that she wanted to experience some minor misfortunes, such as breaking a mirror, spilling salt, or walking under a ladder. She said that she hoped that these actions would trigger some positive outcomes, such as winning a lottery, getting a new car, or landing a movie role.

The rapper also joked that she wanted to have bad luck because she was bored and wanted to have some fun. She said that she wanted to do some crazy things, such as jumping off a plane, swimming with sharks, or going to a haunted house. She said that she wanted to live on the edge and have some adrenaline rush.

Cardi B ended the video by saying that she was not serious and that she was just kidding. She said that she did not really want bad luck and that she was grateful for everything she had. She said that she was happy with her life and that she loved her family, her fans, and her music. She said that she was just making a joke and that she hoped that her viewers would laugh and enjoy the video.

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