CLIP: Nicki Minaj sent a special message to her fandom Barbs and explains why they are the BEST fanbase on Earth!

Did you know Nicki Minaj posted a clip with the special message to her fandom Barbz and explains why they are the BEST fanbase on Earth!

The Barbz Presidentduane is the name for the group of devoted fans of Nicki Minaj Jackson. Typical activities for Barbz include following Minaj on Twitter at the address @NICKIMINAJ, listening to Minaj’s music, getting their boobs signed, and many other activities.


While “the Barbz” can refer to the entire fan base as a whole, there are several terms coined by Minaj that refer to Barbz more specifically. All of these terms are typically pluralized with the letter ‘Z’ per Minaj’s Twitter lexicon .


Harajuku Barbiez Presidentduane, also shortened to Harajuku Barbz, Barbiez, HBz, and most commonly Barbz[1] are all of Minaj’s fans. The name derives from Minaj’s girly-girly alter-ego, The Harajuku Barbie Presidentduane, and the fashion she promotes. The singular Harajuku Barbie or HB is also used by Minaj to describe the head of all the barbiez—herself—without specifically implying that it is the alter ego speaking.

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Ken Barbz

Harajuku Kenz, also called HKz, Kenz, and most commonly Ken Barbz are Minaj’s homosexual male fans.[3] The name derives from the term Barbz but gets the term “Ken” from the name of the Barbie doll’s boyfriend.


Boyz are Minaj’s male fans that are heterosexual. Minaj confirmed this fact via Twitter, although she has since stopped using this term.

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