Did Miley Cyrus Ask JR Smith For the Pipe After the Knicks Game? (Video)


Immediate proximity to J.R. Smith was never a selling point for courtside Knicks tickets, but Miley Cyrus isn’t your run-of-the-mill NBA fan.

The one-time child star turned pop star turned thumbnail of daringly provocative celebrities made a beeline for the troubled Cavs guard after Cleveland took down the Knicks on Saturday night, 107-93.

Miley Cyrus gets right down to business with J.R. Smith

With a backdrop of a mingling Victor Cruz, the former Disney star seemed to know of Smith’s partying ways, appearing to dispense of all pleasantries when she reached him.

It looks as if before even a hello, Cyrus asks the 12-year NBA vet, “What are you doing after the game?”

Being too passive was never a fault of Cyrus’ — or Smith’s for that matter, whose infamous “you trying to get the pipe” Twitter direct message to a high school senior trumped any on-the-court moment he had with the Knicks.

So what was Smith doing after the game? There aren’t any clues on social media just yet. But after getting sued earlier this week for an incident in Chelsea in November, in which he allegedly choked and struck a 19-year-old, any distraction likely would have been appreciated.

As for Cyrus, her Instagram on Sunday mostly consisted of Easter bunny selfies.