From renter to owner, Nicki Minaj successfully bought a $19.5 million property in Hidden Hills, beautiful interior

From renter to owner, Nicki Minaj’s successfully bought $19.5M estate in Hidden Hills!


The news has left the realtors in awe as Nicki recently splurged a whopping $19.5M on a magnificent Hidden Hills estate. This sprawling property boasts opulence at every turn, featuring eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two powder rooms, a detached guesthouse, a cabana, and an enticing saltwater pool with a Baja shelf. The sheer grandeur of this 12,000-square-foot estate is truly breathtaking.


TMZ reports that the main house is a marvel in itself, with pocketing glass doors that open to various patios and terraces. The upstairs master suite offers the lucky owner a private balcony overlooking the lush backyard. And speaking of the backyard, it’s an absolute paradise, spanning acres of space and hosting a remarkable built-in balcony. This exquisite setup is destined to be the epitome of luxury living.


Before acquiring this dream home, Nicki Minaj was known for renting a lavish mansion in Calabasas for a staggering $30,000 a month. There, she resided with her beloved two-year-old son and her husband of four years, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. Her previous experience renting a Beverly Hills mansion ended on a sour note, as it fell victim to a robbery where $200,000 worth of jewelry and other belongings were stolen, prompting her to leave the premises.

This remarkable purchase comes shortly after Nicki celebrated her 40th birthday, marking a new chapter in her life. Not only is she now a proud homeowner, but the Anaconda rapper is also making exciting progress on her fifth album. Fans can look forward to a return to her roots, with Nicki promising to deliver gritty bars and underground MC-type vibes that her devoted Barbz have grown to adore.

In a recent interview, Nicki shared her enthusiasm, expressing that she believes her happiness translates into her best music. As she taps back into the essence of Hip Hop, her upcoming album promises to be a stellar creation that will captivate her audience once again.

To catch a glimpse of Nicki’s stunning new abode, check out the captivating pictures below! This mega-purchase signals a new era for the rapper, showcasing her rise to the pinnacle of success, not just in the music industry but in the world of real estate as well.

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