‘I spent £40,000 to look like Nicki Minaj: I wanted to look as sick as possible’

Rudy Villalobos has spent tens of thousands of dollars on surgery and procedures in a bid to look like his role model, Nicki Minaj – and won’t stop until he is happy with his looks.

A man has spent about £40,000 transforming himself into his role model, Nicki Minaj. Rudy Villalobos, 27, started changing his appearance in 2020 after becoming obsessed with the concept of ‘changing your looks’.

Nicki Minaj attends the MTV Video Music Awards

Rudy revealed that he used to play with Barbies when he was young, which he says inspired him to be whoever he wanted. He also believes that where you live has a big impact on how you want to look or act.

“Depending on the lifestyle you live, if you’re surrounded by the mentality of looking ‘perfect’ it will definitely suck you in,” the Los

Angeles-based Nicki fan said. “For me, it’s not living by Hollywood, I just remember seeing old pictures of myself and not being happy with how I looked.

“I wanted to be more confident, and I wanted to feel like a doll. In my head, I wanted to look ‘perfect’ in my eyes.”

Rudy Villalobos wants to be his version of 'perfect'

Altering his looks, Rudy has spent around £40,000 in the last three years.

He added: “I work hard for my money, and save from working. That is how I’ve had a Brazilian b*tt lift, four sessions of b*tt injections, filler, and Botox.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has warned about the alarming complications connected to Brazilian b*tt lifts, as around three per cent of surgeons have experienced patient death after the procedure.

“My experience with the b*tt shots wasn’t so bad at all. It was a bit painful because you’re not numb, but it wasn’t that bad — I would do it again,” said Rudy.

Rudy’s goal is not only to be his version of ‘perfect’, but also to look like the Trinidadian rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Rudy, a make-up artist, said: “I feel like she plays a big role in the body enhancement industry because she was one of the first to get her b*tt done.

I've spent £48k to get a bum like Nicki Minaj - I want biggest and baddest rear' - Daily Star

“She got it when she started her career and was so open about it, even after all the hate and backlash she got.

“So Nicki definitely inspired me. I loved her look, and wanted to get mine as close to hers as possible.

“I don’t think I want to be bigger than hers, I now want to maintain my ass throughout time. She is probably doing the same!”

Rudy’s goal is to keep going until he is completely happy with his looks, and is up for having more surgeries.

He added: “I want just to look as sickening as possible. I want to be a real-life doll, with a very sexy body, and a very juicy, big bubble b*tt.

“I also want to enhance more of my facial features, I’d like a nose job, jaw filler, buccal fat removal, and an eyebrow lift.”

He has planned for his next surgery to be a rhinoplasty, known as a nose job, and will spend around £4,000 to £5,000 on it.
He said: “I haven’t got a date yet, but I am extremely excited.

“I would describe my look as between masculine and feminine, which makes guys and girls curious about me.”

In one post, posted to his Instagram, Rudy can be seen in two pics, posing in a skimpy swimsuit and moon boots, showing off his juicy behind.

The post gathered thousands of likes and comments, and users shared their views on his big bum.

One person commented: “It’s giving ant body.”

Another added: “Guuuurrrrllllll slay all day. I need this done. Hook me up sis.”

A third user said: “You fine asf,” followed by fire and heart eye emojis.

One more user wrote: “I want one.”

“Perfection,” commented another user.

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