“I’ve been proposed to 3 times” – Nicki Minaj tells ladies to know their worth

Nicki Minaj tells ladies

In a series of tweets on her twitter time-line, Nicki Minaj has dished out some pieces of advice to her female fans.

In her narration, Nicki Minaj opened up on how she has been abused emotionally, verbally and physically abused but she still maintained a fake smile all the time on social media just to look glam.

See tweets below:







After mounted speculation this week, Nicki Minaj’s camp shut down Eminem dating rumors.

“Minaj set the internet on fire Friday after responding “yes” to a fan who asked her, “You dating Eminem???” on Instagram.

Sources close to Minaj tell TMZ she was only joking … there’s nothing romantic between the two.

Minaj is no stranger to dating dudes in the music biz, she’s been with Nas, Meek Mill and was with Safaree for years.

She and Eminem both appeared on Nicki’s “Roman’s Revenge” back in 2010. (TMZ)”

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