Mariah Carey announces Christmas concert, a series of superstars also start a ‘music war’

The “defrosting” process of “Christmas queen” Mariah Carey has officially begun!

Always recognized as one of the top music icons at the end of the year, singer Mariah Carey recently announced on her personal social networking site the specific schedule for her upcoming Christmas tour. mine.

Mariah Carey announces year-end concert, continuing to 'bombard' Christmas - Photo 1.

“The Queen of Christmas” officially announced her return

The 54-year-old singing icon also seems to be aware of the famous memes of netizens joking about his dominance over the year-end holidays with a cheeky caption below the tour date post: ” That’s right, the defrosting process has actually begun!”.

Accordingly, the Merry Christmas One and All tour of the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer officially went on sale on October 6.

Mariah Carey announces year-end concert, continues to 'bombard' Christmas - Photo 2.

Mariah Carey’s tour dates have been announced

This will also be Mariah Carey’s first tour since 2019.

The published schedule shows that the blonde beauty will kick off on November 15, the Merry Christmas One And All tour will begin in California and continue with stops in Colorado, Michigan, Chicago, Toronto… and ending with a stop in New York on December 17.

Since Mariah Carey released her first Christmas album, Merry Christmas , in 1994, she has consolidated her position as the “Queen of Christmas” for nearly 30 years, most notably with the single All I Want. For Christmas Is You is considered “every home’s Christmas hymn”. The proof is that this song is the best-selling year-end holiday song of all time by a female artist with 12 times platinum certification.

Mariah Carey announces year-end concert, continues to 'bombard' Christmas - Photo 3.

With just one album Merry Christmas in 1994, Mariah Carey has successfully “made money” on Christmas for nearly 30 years.

Her success becomes the inspiration for millions of jokes on social networks every October, with fans joking that this is the moment when “Mariah Carey is defrosting”, referring to the beginning of her career. Christmas holiday.

However, the “music war” at the end of the year became even more exciting when top vocalist Cher announced that she expected to release her first Christmas-themed album. The title Christmas couldn’t be more appropriate, this will be Cher’s first full album since Closer To Truth in 2013.

Mariah Carey announces year-end concert, continuing to 'bombard' Christmas - Photo 5.

“Big sister” Cher will also join the music race at Christmas

In addition, other A-list singers such as Ariana Grande, Idina Menzel and Christina Aguilera have also released Christmas albums in recent years, many people worry that Mariah Carey’s “unique” position will be shaken.

However, fans of the female singer affirm that the power of All I Want For Christmas will continue to dominate the holiday season every year as the public will still think of Mariah Carey’s music first every time Christmas comes. .