Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj explain their beef, which in the past seemed like the two had a friendly relationship that could have stemmed from the Super Freaky Girl rapper and actress Hannah Montana.

MILEY Cyrus and Nicki Minaj appeared to share a friendly relationship.

However, things took a turn for the worst between the Super Freaky Girl rapper and the Hannah Montana actress.

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj's rivalry came to a head at the 2015 MTV VMAs

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj’s rivalry came to a head at the 2015 MTV VMAsCredit: Getty

What happened between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj?

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj’s feud transpired after both stars expressed their mixed reactions to MTV’s nominees for its 2015 Video Music Awards.

Following the network’s announcement, Nicki took to Twitter to state her opinion on the list of VMA nominees.

Referencing her and Beyonce’s Video of the Year snub for their collaboration Feeling Myself, she tweeted: “Hey guys @MTV thank you for my nominations. Did Feeling Myself miss the deadline or…?

“If I was a different ‘kind’ of an artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well.

“Ellen did her own anaconda video and did the choreo lol. Even MTV did a post on the choreo.

“When the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination.”

With several laughing emojis, she added: “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for video of the year.

“Oh but trust me, I’ll be on that stage to collect my awards for vid of the year. Feeling Myself & Anaconda.”

Following Nicki’s comments on Twitter, Miley gave her take on the rapper’s remarks.

The Disney Channel alum stated to The New York Times: “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind.

“It’s not very polite, I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love.”

Miley also commented on Nicki’s Twitter dispute with Taylor Swift and said: “You don’t have to start this pop star against pop star war.

Nicki and Miley were supposed to collaborate on a song produced by Mike-Will-Made-It (Pictured center)


Nicki and Miley were supposed to collaborate on a song produced by Mike-Will-Made-It (Pictured center)Credit: Getty
“It became Nicki Minaj and Taylor in a fight. So now, the story isn’t even what you wanted it to be about.

“You made it about you. Not to sound like a b***h, but that’s like, ‘Eh, I didn’t get my VMA’

“It’s not anger like, ‘Guys, I’m frustrated about some things that are a bigger issue.’

“If you want to make it about race, there’s a way you could do that but don’t make it just about yourself.

“Say ‘This is the reason why I think it’s important to be nominated, there are girls everywhere with this body type.’

What did Nicki say to Miley at the VMAs?

In the wake of that year’s VMAs debate, Nicki won the Best Hip-Hop Video accolade for her song Anaconda.

While making her acceptance speech, Nicki turned her attention to Miley.

At the conclusion of her speech, the rapper began: “Now, back to this b**ch who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press…Miley, what’s good.”

The camera panned away from the hitmaker as Miley answered: “Hey, we’re all in this industry. We all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate s**t. Nicki, congrats-f**kinlations.”

What did Miley say about Nicki?

Immediately after the moment, an insider told EW: “Miley stormed off stage cursing in anger after that moment.

“Miley wasn’t furious. There wasn’t anything malicious about all of this in the first place.”

The New York Times conducted their own post-VMA fallout interview with Nicki, where the star commented: “I saw [Miley] just looking at me, with her face screwed up, and I thought, What the?

“The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls.

“You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important?

“Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad.

“If you want to enjoy our culture and our lifestyle, bond with us, dance with us, have fun with us, twerk with us, rap with us, then you should also want to know what affects us, what is bothering us, what we feel is unfair to us. You shouldn’t not want to know that.”

On July 4, 2018, it appeared Miley and Nicki reconciled when the former posted an Instagram video of her dancing to the latter’s hit single Chun-Li.

Nicki got fans talking after she reposted Miley’s clip, to which the latter commented: “What’s Good?” with a heart-eye emoji.

Judging by Miley’s cheeky reference to their VMA’s controversy, fans of both were led to believe the two might be on good terms.

In May 2019, Miley name-checked Nicki in her song Cattitude.

The performer alluded to the Do We Have A Problem? rapper’s altercation with Cardi B and sang the lyrics: “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.”

Nicki responded to the Prisoner singer on her Queen Radio podcast and replied: “In the first place, she disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason.

“A Perdue chicken can never talk s**t about queens, that’s what she did.”

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