Miley Cyrus Helps A Gay Couple Propose At Her Concert While Calling Her Marriage With Liam Hemsworth “Fu:ck*ng Disaster”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the sets of their movie The Last Song in 2009

Miley Cyrus Helps A Couple Propose At Her Concert While Hoping Their Marriage Is Better Than Hers & Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Marriage With Liam Hemsworth At A Concert ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )
Miley Cyrus labelled her short-lived marriage to Liam Hemsworth a “f*cking disaster” as she helped another couple propose at her concert. The singer is making quite a buzz lately, especially after her private jet was forced to make an emergency landing due to being struck by lightning.

For the unversed, Cyrus is busy performing at the two major music festivals. While she was on her way to Asunciónico, her plane was struck by lightning. She took to her Instagram to share glimpses of the moment and confirmed that she and everyone else aboard are safe.

Flowers, la nueva canción de Miley Cyrus sobre su exnovio Liam Hemsworth: 'Puedo quererme más que

Despite the accident, Miley Cyrus went on to perform at the other music festival, Lollapalooza Brazil, where she brought a gay couple up on stage for the proposal, as per DailyMail. After she congratulated the couple, the Hannah Montana actress said, “Honey, I hope your marriage goes better than mine.” Cyrus, who was married to Liam Hemsworth, continued, “Mine was a f*cking disaster.”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the sets of their movie The Last Song in 2009, and sparks flew. Both had an on-again and off-again relationship, which also included getting engaged twice. The two got married in 2018 but called it splits just a year after. Their divorce was finalised in 2020.

The singer has been vocal about her relationship with the Hunger Games actor before. She stated that they had “too much conflict” in their marriage and once even said that she wasn’t sure if they would have tied the knot if it hadn’t been for the devastation of her Malibu home being destroyed in a fire in 2018.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were together since the age of 16, which is quite young. It’s understandable that over the years, the Wrecking Ball singer realized that he wasn’t the one. Stick to Koimoi for more news!

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