Miley Cyrus turned on the “green” light after a bold confession on Valentine’s Day, the brazen boxer had a very “loud” response that made people bored.

Instead of following Miley Cyrus’ request, puncher Julian Marquez asked the pop singer to print his name on her stomach.

After winning against opponent Maki Pitolo on Valentine’s Day, February 14, boxer Julian Marquez decided to express his feelings for Miley Cyrus. “This time is my time to shine. So, Miley Cyrus, are you ready to be my Valentine?”, the boxer with a somewhat brazen appearance confided.

Marquez’s confession unexpectedly reached the pop singer’s ears. On her personal page, Miley gave the green light to the 31-year-old boxer. She affirmed that she was willing to meet Marquez’s request if he completed a task. “Shave your chest hair into the letters MC (short for Miley Cyrus) and I’ll be yours. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

Lighted by Miley Cyrus

Marquez “confessed” to Miley after winning on February 14

Having received the clear green light from the “man of his dreams”, instead of shaving his chest as Miley wanted, Marquez suddenly made the opposite suggestion to the former Disney star. “If you tattoo the words Cuban Missle Crisis (Marquez’s nickname) on your stomach, I will do what you want,” he said.

On social networks, many fans seemed bored with Marquez’s above response. Miley herself was silent before the American puncher’s move. Daniel Cormier, Marquez’s colleague, also could not sit still.

“Julian Marquez, you asked Miley the opposite? That was a big mistake and you screwed up. She won’t answer. Miley wanted to give you a chance. But then you did it again.. . That’s the action of a guy who’s never had a girlfriend. I think he’s always been FA’s friend, right?”.

Lighted by Miley Cyrus

Miley did not respond after being asked by Marquez to get a tattoo on her stomach

For his part, Marquez affirmed that he will not change his approach to girls regardless of whether his love affair with Miley succeeds or not.


“The difference between me and others is that I am always myself, no matter who is in front of me, no matter what I have to face. I will not change myself to please anyone.” , Marquez shared.