Nicki Minaj Fans Attack St.e.phanie B.ell Accounts After Nicki Names Her in Tweet

Nicki Minaj Fans Attack Stephanie Bell Accounts After Swatting Suspect Called Out

Nicki Minaj fans are on the hunt for “Stephanie Bell,” who has a warrant for arrest after allegedly swatting the rapper, but lots of folks with the same name are getting caught in the crossfire.

Here’s the deal, Stephanie Bell just isn’t the most unique name, and ever since Nicki name-dropped her alleged harasser … everyone with that name is taking it on the chin, at least on social media.

Some of the Stephanies are coming forward to air their grievances.

stephanie bell tweets

One wrote, “I’ve never been so angry at another Stephanie Bell. You’re f***ing it up for all of us..” and another said, “Why y’all still in my inbox.”



For what it’s worth, some Stephanie Bells online know all about Nicki, but not about her swatting issue … so, they’re pretty confused about why the Barbz are swarming.

BTW, it doesn’t sound like anyone getting dragged is the real Stephanie in question … at least, not yet.

stephanie bell tweets

As we reported, law enforcement sources told us Bell, who Nicki put on blast Wednesday, is facing 2 charges of deliberately reporting a false emergency.

We also confirmed there is, indeed, a warrant out for her arrest, as Nicki claimed.

TMZ broke the story, cops told us the attempted swatting occurred in June, with an anonymous caller claiming child abuse was going down at Nicki’s L.A.-area home.

Police also got a call that same night about her house being on fire — and both reports were totally untrue.

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