Nicki Minaj shared steamy details about her s*x life saying she wanted men to ‘get to it’ quickly after making out, said ‘I like kissing a lot, but…’

Nicki Minaj once talked about her s*x life and what she liked in bed. Read to know the juicy secrets she shared.

Nicki Minaj is candid and bold enough to make anyone blush. She does not think twice before saying whatever is on her mind, and most of the time, those things are super spicy. From making her move on Michael B Jordan during her acceptance speech at an award show to calling out Miley Cyrus during their feud at another award show, Nicki says it all. She once candidly talked about her s*x life and what she wanted from her man.

Nicki Minaj is married to Kenny Petty, and the two tied the knot in 2019. The rapper had first dated her now-husband when she was only 16 years old. Before getting hitched, they dated for almost one year. In 2020, they welcomed their first baby together.

When Nicki Minaj Shared Tips On How To Make Men Perform Better In Bed, Asked The Ladies To Demand More

Nicki Minaj appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018 on its season 16 premiere episode. She looked fantastic, flaunting her neon orange hair and white full-sleeved top with statement jewellery pieces. While talking to Ellen, the Anaconda singer mentioned that she had dated a lot of men who were way too much interested in kissing and while she liked all of it, she wanted them to get down to business quickly. An Instagram page called Nickifav0rite shared the clip from the interview on their handle.

She said, “I do end up getting men who like to kiss a lot, and I like kissing a lot, but I’m like, okayyyy!” Ellen DeGeneres completed her statement and asked, “Get to it? Is that what you mean?” Nicki Minaj agreed and said, “Oh, definitely get to it.” The host understood her point and mentioned that she was a busy woman who wanted things to get done.

Nicki further added that women need to take control in bed and said, “And I had a man who said to me that I was the first woman in his life that ever demanded that they (women) feel good as well. Ladies, realise that this is about you feeling good too. This is not about him only feeling good. Come on, let’s go, 2018! And I found the worse you make them feel, the better after that, they know how to do it better.”

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