Nicki Minaj shares before and after photos taken 14 years apart and she hasn’t really changed much

Nicki Minaj posing at a red carpet in VegasNicki Minaj posted a side-by-side comparison of herself using photos taken 14 years apart. Pic credit: ©

A lot can change in 14 years, but apparently, Nick Minaj’s face isn’t one of them.

The Superbass superstar took to Instagram on Monday to show herself in 2008 and presently in 2022.

The photos also represent where she was at the start of her career versus where she is now.

Minaj posted a side-by-side comparison of her face 14 years ago vs. today

The photos, which were essentially the same pose and facial expression, showed that the rapper has clearly not had any dramatic face-altering cosmetic surgeries.

The picture on the left of the pic stitch showed Minaj right at the start of her career — a girl from NYC just trying to make a name for herself. She was seen wearing bright purple eyeshadow and glossy pink lipstick and rocking long, wavy, black hair.

On the right was a picture of her today, in which Minaj took on a more “natural glow” approach to her makeup. She wore a more neutral brown eyeshadow and accompanied it with a natural red lip color. Her hair in the 2022 photo was also straight and had a more golden copper color.

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Nicki Minaj has denied rumors of facial surgeries through the years

Although the rapper has been known for her enhanced body, she has previously denied having any “job” done to her face in the past. The singer claimed that she has never gone under the knife for her face, despite the few differences fans have picked out.

In a previous interview with Extra, she said, “When people see my makeup, they think all types of crazy things. No, it’s makeup. They’ll see contouring and think you had surgery on your nose. I’ve never had surgery on my face.”

“Look at RuPaul’s Drag Race, and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want,” the rapper also added.

Despite speculations of Minaj’s cosmetic alterations, it is no doubt that her face has essentially stayed the same throughout the last 14 years. Fans have been quick to comment on her post to tell her how amazing she looks and how much she’s grown since 2008.

The top comment on Minaj’s post came from Alonzo Arnold, who wrote, “BOTH!!! 2008 nicki was on they necks and 2022 nicki still is. That’s why you the queen!!!”

Alonzo Arnold's comment on Nicki Minaj's postPic credit: @nickiminaj/Instagram
Another user commented on how young Minaj currently looks. They wrote, “It’s giving ‘ima be 21 forever.’”
Comment saying Nicki Minaj looks 21 in her photoPic credit: @nickiminaj/Instagram

The next top comments came from mix engineer Jaycen Joshua and DJ Superstar Jay. Jaycen made a funny remark to Minaj, appearing to age backward by commenting, “SHE PLAYED THE UNO REVERSE CARD.”
Comment saying Nicki Minaj used the uno reverse cardPic credit: @nickiminaj/Instagram
Superstar Jay then mentioned how hard Minaj has worked to get her to where she is today. He wrote, “Hey I know that one in 2008 putting in that grind pushing her own mixtapes they need to hear that talk Queen.”
Superstar Jay's comment on Nicki Minaj's postPic credit: @nickiminaj/Instagram
From that girl selling her own mixtapes to a Billboard-charting artist, Nicki Minaj still continues to make new music for her fans who got her to where she is today.

She most recently released her song Bussin last week, featuring fellow artist Lil Baby.

It doesn’t seem like the rapper plans to stop releasing new music for her fans any time soon.