Nicki Minaj viciously claps back at critics who dare to call her ‘twerking’ stiff and numb

Hell hath no fury like a woman whose twerking is scorned.

Nicki Minaj viciously clapped back at fans on social media who dared to call her moves a bit rigid on Tuesday, according to screen grabs posted by The Shade Room.

The rapper uploaded a clip of herself in a pool, in what started of as something of a twerk but in fairness converted to more of a slow grind half way through.

‘When you hear #BED is the #1 ADDED SONG ON URBAN [radio] THIS WEEK!!!!! Thanks y’all!!!!! OMGGGGGG,’ she joyously wrote.

Curiously, the Chun Li star appeared to predict the video would attract some vitriol.

‘*waits for the internet police & dance experts to voice their misplaced anger thru|their KEYBOARDS*’ she added.

And lo and behold, the criticisms came.

Called it: Curiously, the Chun Li star appeared to predict the video would attract some vitriol

‘You too stiff,’ one follower wrote.

But Nicki had some choice words for her, as captured in screengrabs by The Shade Room.

‘and you too pressed, too, mad, too ugly & forehead too big,’ she wrote back. ‘Gtfo my page.

‘I’m living my best life on vacation & BED IS THE #1 added song on urban radio this week. Now suck my d**k. ITS TOO GOOD

'u look like a raccoon with a receding hair line': Nicki did not hold back

When another follower, a wig designer, wrote ‘Nicki with the numb booty lol,’ she didn’t let that sit unchallenged either.

‘N u look like a raccoon with a receding hair line – hit up Doctor Wu for them dark circles. I’m living my best life in Turks. Would u like me to purchase a few of them wigs so u can go on one too?

However Nicki did add: ‘nah its love sis.’

Head-turning: The shoot was from her upcoming music video for the song BED featuring Ariana Grande

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