Nicki Minaj’s Comments About “White Rappers” Has Sparked A Huge Internet Debate

We all know, Cardi B loves her wigs and sports them with pride. If you remember, last year Cardi got a little carried away during a performance at Wireless Festival in London, whipping off her wig and throwing it into the crowd. She later requested her beloved hair piece back on Instagram – hey, wigs are expensive.

Some people just can’t handle the facts.

If you looked at the top 10 rap songs on US iTunes right now and saw Eminem, Post Malone, G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, NF and Macklemore, what do you think you’d notice about it? Looks kinda…white, don’t you think?

Well you wouldn’t be the only one with a working set of eyes. As reported by Teen Vogue, Nicki Minaj posted a screenshot of the chart to her Instagram over the weekend (Dec 16) and it has started a huge debate about white artists in hip-hop. Unfortunately, Nicki is getting a lot of heat for even drawing attention to the phenomena in the first place.

Nicki originally posted a screenshot of the chart to her Insta stories on the night of December 16 with the caption, “These are the top 10 rap songs on US iTunes. S/O to Em & Post. Two of my faves. Congrats to Em on his new album. #Motorsport put dat thing in sport.”

Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy

After receiving criticism about the post, XXL reports that Nicki then updated the caption to this: “Update blocking all u sensitive d*ck riders. It IS a great time to be a white rapper in America. I wanna sign one for my new label. U know anyone? I spk my mthafkn mind n if u don’t like it gtfo my page d*ck rida! Y’all can never wait to ride the Queen d*ck! Sensitive a*s ig thugs. Gtfoh.”

It didn’t stop there however. Nicki then deleted the post completely and posted again (which is also now-deleted) of an interview with J Cole discussing white artists performing in historically black genres. In the caption, Nicki writes “Whenever a black woman speaks on ANYTHING she’s labeled as ‘mad’ ‘angry’ ‘bitter.’” Many have interpreted this as Nicki calling out a double standard in which black women will be discredited more than men, even if they are making the exact same point.

Nicki Minaj says she's dating Eminem

The posts have certainly got people talking. Many feel the initial post was just an observation which is worthy of a discussion. Others thought Nicki was unnecessarily bringing race into the issue and was upset about the success of white artists. Given that Nicki was congratulating Eminem and Post Malone on their achievements, we don’t really think this was the case.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate Nicki Minaj calling out the white male rapper epidemic we have going on. I swear if I have to hear one more song by any of them…

— Cherchez la femme (@AriLilKitty) December 17, 2017

@NICKIMINAJ why ya gotta go there? Talent is talent! Race has nothing to do with it… Your so ignorant! Don’t be jealous your ghost writers can’t write u a hit 🖕

— Deez (@DeEmErZ9o2) December 18, 2017

She isn’t complaining. She isn’t “fake woke”. She’s speaking up on this matter like she has for YEARS now. She’s simply speaking FACTS. & y’all try so hard to make it seem otherwise

— Eat a barbie ass (@eatabarbie) December 17, 2017

Just had this convo. White rappers can spit some ok shit and become Elvis who also used black music to become the KING. White people want white people who do black things

— greeneyedrish (@rish2028) December 17, 2017

People so damn weird, when artist like Nicki or Kmichelle say stuff like this, they go in on them and get all sorts of backlash but when J.Cole, Kendrick, or Jay-Z so it y’all dick ride it and eat it up and claim they soooo “woke”

— dreabadda$$ (@u_r_my_son2) December 17, 2017