VIRAL CLIP: Cardi B freely eats chicken wings and F.A.R.T.S many times live

We all know that Cardi B is a no-holds-barred kind of girl. The “I Like It” rapper is known for being, outspoken, real, and not giving anything about what anyone has to say. But recently, she took her realness a step further when she f.a.r.t.e.d on Instagram Live. Did she take it too far?

If you follow Cardi B on Twitter, then you know she’s always tweeting random things. She gets very candid when talking with fans and lets us in on her most intimate thoughts. Early Tuesday (Nov. 5), the mom-of-one took to Twitter to, once again, tweet random thoughts.

Cardi B fan account replied, pointing out that they love Cardi’s f*rts. No, seriously. “B!tch your f*rts are artwork, I would buy them,” the account replied.

The reply tweet was accompanied by a snippet from one of Cardi’s Instagram Live videos. In the video, Cardi released a series of f*rts while eating in her kitchen.

“Today, I’m eating… Oh wait, I gotta f*rt,” Cardi says while pointing her phone to her butt so fans can hear the f*rts. “I f*rted, what’s up?” she continued after letting three rip. In the video, fans tuning into Cardi’s live are seen leaving heart-eye and laughing emojis.

Twitter fans replied to the video posted by Cardi’s fan account. One fan replied, “Your f*rts are so cute, Cardi. They probably smell like Frankincense and Sage.” Another fan tweeted, “Our parties would welcome your f*rts and probably take turns tossing your salad…”

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