7 Years After Her First Public Appearance, Steph Curry’s Daughter Surprised Mom Ayesha by Cooking Her Family Dinner

7 Years After Her First Public Appearance, Steph Curry’s Daughter Surprised Mom Ayesha by Cooking Her Family Dinner

7 Years After Her First Public Appearance, Steph Curry’s Daughter Surprised Mom Ayesha by Cooking Her Family Dinner

Credits: USA Today Sports and Twitter

Stephen Curry is one of the most popular athletes in the entire world. He revolutionized the game of basketball while, at the same time, raising a beautiful family. He has three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon. Riley is the one who broke the internet after taking over Steph’s post-game conferences all the way back in 2015 when she was just two years old. We’ve seen her grow up right in front of us. In fact, she’s now old enough to cook up an entire meal for her family!

The now 10-year-old has been showing up on our screens again, as we see her courtside supporting her dad during the playoffs. We saw her and Steph go to Stanford games to support Curry’s god-sister Cameron Brink.

So far, we know that she doesn’t want to play basketball like her dad, because she sees him taped up or in a brace always. She likes volleyball, just like her aunt Sydel. Apart from volleyball, Riley also picked up culinary skills from her celebrity chef mother.

Steph Curry’s daughter Riley cooked family dinner in front of Ayesha

Back in April 2022, when Riley was just nine years old, she decided that she wanted to cook a meal for her family. While most of us at nine would have made a PBJ sandwich, or if we’re getting creative with it, some instant noodles.

This wasn’t the case for Steph Curry’s daughter. Riley made a whole dinner. When asked what she was cooking, Riley said,

“I’m making a chicken piccata with mashed potatoes and honey roasted carrots,”

Riley seemed to be rather very confident and knew what she was doing. I guess she learned from her mother, Ayesha Curry. When she complimented her daughter about the spread, Riley replied and said, “I learned from the best!”

The meal ended up being a hit with the family, and her aunt Janiece really seemed to enjoy the spread.

It looks like Riley topped off the food with some sparkling wine.

Steph Curry always represents his daughters

Steph, before he had Canon, was a Girl Dad. He always finds ways to represent his kids, especially his daughters, whenever he can. He has tattoos for each of his kids. A unicorn tattoo for Riley, a butterfly for Ryan, and a wolf for Canon.

When Riley turned 10, Steph brought home a special edition of Curry 10s as a birthday present for her.


Right before the playoffs, Steph also brought out Curry 10 ‘Unicorn and Butterfly’, for his daughters Riley and Ryan.


The relationship Steph has with his kids is adorable, and we hope it continues to grow stronger every single day.


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