At the age of 35, Stephen Curry just made history: He rediscovered his killer version, doing something that no other player has done even once

Amazing game by Stephen Curry, who continues to defy logic and make the Golden State Warriors candidates for glory.

Stephen Curry, dữ liệu của Warriors. Ảnh: Gettyimages

Stephen Curry, Warriors data. Photo: gettyimages

NBA | Stephen Curry, el reinado continúa

Stephen Curry never ceases to amaze everyone with a spectacular level of play. He was key in the Golden State Warriors’ 139-141 victory against the Thunder and reached historic statistics.

There is no better way to start a new competition like the In-Season Tournament than with an anthological and unforgettable match like the one between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams gave everything to perform at their best level and they achieved it, although there was one protagonist above the rest: Stephen Curry.

At 35 years old, the Warriors point guard seems to have recovered the most lethal version of himself and if he is able to maintain this level of play, he will be a strong candidate for MVP. Proof of this is that he has scored four or more triples in the first six games of the season, something he had already done twice before. The most impressive thing is that before he landed in the elite, no player had ever done so even once.

The Warriors are 5-1 and Curry opts for MVP

The Golden State Warriors’ sensations are unbeatable and they have reached a promising 5-1, which places them at the top of the standings. The atmosphere in the locker room has once again been excellent, the young Kuminga and Moody are improving noticeably and all the mechanisms that have made this team one of the best in history are once again working at full capacity.

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