Carrying Forward Their Basketball Legacies on the Court, What’s Cameron Brink and Stephen’s Connection Off-Court?

NCAA is a hunting ground for young emerging talents in professional basketball. And sometimes the connections so match that fans get siblings playing for the professional leagues at the same time. Similarly, there has been confusion floating that the Golden State Warriors‘ point guard and forward for Stanford Cardinal are siblings.

However, there is much more to this family connection of Stephen Curry and Cameron Brink than what meets the eye. Brink comes from a talented family of hoopers.

Athletic DNA of Cameron Brink

Cameron Brink was born on December 31, 2001, in Princeton, New Jersey. The 6-4 unicorn then moved to Southridge HS in Beaverton with her parents. Apparently, her parents Greg and Michelle were active in college basketball and have won their alma mater several titles. Cameron’s mother Michelle Bain Brink, played for the Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Moreover, she has many accomplishments to her name. She was 1988’s All-Metro Conference Second Team selection. Michelle was a 1000-point club member at Virginia Tech until she concluded her career with 1068 points. Writing her name in Virginia Tech’s history, Michelle is ranked tenth for 447 career field goals, ninth for 619 rebounds, and third for 109 blocks.

At the same time, Cameron’s father — Greg Bain — was also an impressive baller. The 6’8″ forward represented Virginia Tech in 75 games. Moreover, he averaged 5.4 points and recorded the same figure in rebounds to go with 0.5 assists. Greg met Michelle at Virginia Tech in 1985. Currently, he is VP of Nike’s Supply Chain and controls the Asia Pacific Latin America region. Furthermore, Michelle is a footwear merchandiser in the global footwear heavyweight. Cameron Brink’s elder brother Cy has chosen not to take basketball as a career option.

In addition to the Athletic genes, Cameron Brink also has a close link with the Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Cameron Brink’s connection to Stephen Curry

Apart from the rich sports heritage of the Brink family, Cameron also carries valuable basketball counsel from the Curry brothers– Stephen and Seth. The Curry and Bain-Brink families have known each other for almost four decades. As a result, Cameron Brink is the God-sister of Stephen Curry. The parents of these superstars were former teammates at Virginia Tech. They continued their bond even after they finished college.

Cameron and Steph are carrying forward this special relationship both on and off the court. The No. 30 of the Golden State Warriors is a true source of inspiration for Cameron Brink. In 2018, she participated in the NBA star’s basketball camp. Here, she left Steph speechless by her shooting talent and agility.

Both Stephen Curry and Cameron Brink are carrying on the rich legacy of their respective families together. But while Curry has lifted the NBA champion trophy four times, the 2021 NCAA champion is trying to match his God brother’s success in the WNBA soon.


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