Everything people don’t know about Klay Thompson’s parents, Mychal and Julie Thompson

The great player for the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, owes his athletic ability to his parents, Mychal and Julie, who have supported him throughout his basketball career.

On February 8, 1990, the five-time NBA All-Star was born to former athletes Mychal and Julie Thompson. While Mychal was an NBA player, having played for the Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Lakers, Julie was a former track and field athlete as well as a university volleyball player.

The two other sons of the pair are outfielders for the Los Angeles Dodgers named Trayce and Mychel, the older brother of Klay, who played basketball for six years in the NBA’s G League.

Though Klay and his siblings have stated they never felt compelled to follow in their footsteps, their parents had a significant influence on his sports career. He specifically mentions his father, who is currently a Lakers broadcaster, as his “biggest believer.”

In 2014, he told the New York Times, “He’s always told me since I was about 17 that I could make the N.B.A. if I just stayed humble and worked hard.” He won’t put up with me if I’m not doing things correctly. He’s one of the most honest individuals you’ll ever meet; he won’t sugarcoat anything.”

Over the years, Klay has also shown similar gratitude for his mother. In October 2022, after winning his fourth NBA championship ring, he sent Julie a heartfelt shout-out.

“The vision came to fruition, and now I just want to send a special shout-out to my mother,” stated the man. “Since she couldn’t be here tonight, I know she’s watching.”Thank you for everything; I love you, mom. I cherish you.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Julie and Mychal Thompson, the parents of Klay Thompson.

Mychal is also an NBA Champion

Mychal played for multiple clubs in the NBA from 1978 to 1991, enjoying a prosperous career. Most famously, he spent four seasons playing with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the Los Angeles Lakers, where he contributed to their two consecutive championship victories in 1987 and 1988, according to ESPN.

With reference to the four championship rings they had between them at the time, Klay captioned a 2017 Instagram photo of himself and his father with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy with four rings emojis.

Mychal said, “Watching him is very nerve-wracking,” during Klay’s first NBA Championship game in a 2015 Father’s Day film for the NBA. Instead of sitting up here watching and feeling so useless, I’d much prefer to be on the floor. Seeing your son fulfill his ambition is the greatest feeling in the world. I absolutely adore him so much.”

Mychal is a radio analyst and announcer

Before the 2003–04 season, Mychal returned to the Lakers organization after retiring from the NBA, this time as a radio commentator. Before every home game, ESPN claims that 14-year-old Klay got to shoot around on the Lakers floor.

In the 2023 NBA playoffs, Mychal, who has been a radio analyst for the Lakers for 20 seasons, will see his club take on his son’s squad. The Golden State Warriors player cracked a joke to reporters when he was asked who he believed his dad would be cheering for: “If I had to guess, probably his employer.”

He went on, “I have a ton of amazing memories of him watching Pau [Gasol], Kobe, Shaq, and the Lakers… I’m just incredibly eager to support the squad that I grew up cheering for.”

Mychal was born in the Bahamas

According to the National Archives of the Bahamas, Mychal was born in Nassau, Bahamas, and started playing basketball there when he was sixteen years old.

He told NBC Sports in March 2021 that the reason Klay loves the ocean so much is because he frequently takes his children to the island. “Ever since he was a kid—going swimming, jumping in pools, jumping in lakes up in Oregon, jumping in the river—he was always fascinated and attracted to the water,” Mychael stated. “I think it’s part of his Bahamian roots.”

Mychal projected that Klay would likely pursue his passion for the ocean after winning the NBA. Yes. That would surprise me. In an interview with the magazine in July 2021, Mychal stated, “I’d be shocked if he sticks around the NBA scene.” He is incredibly passionate about the sea and his boat. I could see him hopping aboard a boat and simply touring the globe.

“Becoming an elderly sea captain in the Bahamas and taking tourists on excursions and stuff,” he continued, laughing. He could achieve that, in my opinion.”

Mychal used to bring Klay to work with him at the Staples Center

Mychal would bring Klay, who would shoot the ball on the floor and get guidance from NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, when he announced home games for the Lakers.

“It would make my job easy when it came to basketball,” Mychal stated in July 2022 to “Willard & Dibs” on 95.7 The Game. “Since I could bring him to Staples Center and tell him to go talk to Kobe,” Afterwards, Klay and other young NBA players on the rise would get Kobe’s undivided attention and cordial conversation.”

He went on, “And he would tell them about the right way to approach the game, the right way to play [and] to have passion for the game… when you have a legend, an icon like Kobe giving that type of advice, I could just sit back and relax a little bit, because he’s going to listen to that guy probably more than he’s going to listen to me.”

Mychal is proud of Klay for mentoring other NBA players

In a radio interview, Mychal expressed his pride in his son for coaching up-and-coming NBA players like Jordan Poole and Moses Moody on 95.7 The Game’s “Morning Roast” (via NBC Sports).

“That makes me feel good to see that he wants to be a mentor to the younger player,” stated the coach. “And to see him give it back to a young guy like Moses Moody and James Wiseman—it makes me feel good, and it makes me proud to see that he’s sharing his advice and his wisdom with the younger guys.”

And encouraging those guys to strive to reach their full potential,” the pleased father continued. That is very macho. About that, Klay is acting like a true man. I’m glad to see that.

Julie was a collegiate athlete

The pair included other athletes besides Mychal. According to the Los Angeles Times, Julie was a standout track and field and volleyball player in high school. She played Division 1 volleyball at the University of Portland before moving on to the University of San Francisco.

Mychal addressed the publication about his wife, saying, “All the boys will tell you that she’s the best athlete in the family.”

Just after signing with the Warriors in 2011, Klay reinforced the concept by joking to the Spokesman-Review, saying, “Our dad used to just loaf down the court.” It was because of him that we are tall. But our mother gave us our athleticism.”

Julie helped Klay recover from his Achilles injury

When her kid most needed Julie, she was there for him. As Klay missed the 2019–2020 season due to an injury to his right Achilles tendon, ESPN stated that Julie “came over daily, helping him get around to do tasks.”

“Gosh, ‘things luggy’—I’m in a big cast,” Klay said to the site. Even the most basic tasks, like brushing your teeth or preparing breakfast, might be difficult. You feel helpless since you are unable to operate a vehicle.”

Klay credits Julie for her guidance

In a heartfelt Mother’s Day Instagram post from 2015, Klay thanked his mother for her advice.

“Mom, happy Mother’s Day. Without your advice along the road, I wouldn’t be the man or professional I am today,” he wrote, attaching an old photo of her cuddling Klay in her lap.

Julie also gives him advice regarding his wardrobe selections. Klay disclosed that his mother chose some of his outfits when he was questioned by ESPN in 2019 about who on his team had the finest sense of style.

“Definitely Andre [Iguodala]. For us, my mother and his spouse went shopping together. They have excellent fashion sense,” he remarked.

Julie and Mychal launched a foundation with their kids

In 2017, Julie and Mychal established the Thompson Family Foundation with their three sons. “Enriching the lives of youth in the United States and the Bahamas through fitness and education” is the organization’s stated mission.

Launched in February 2022, the foundation’s 941 Project helps and promotes “re-entry to the workplace for individuals from disadvantaged situations.” Klay’s comeback to basketball after a two-and-a-half-year recuperation time from two career-threatening injuries served as the program’s inspiration.

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