James doesn’t have Mamba qualities? Rich Paul laments that “he is too good to people”: he doesn’t get any respect

Rich Paul believes that James is “too kind to people” and is easily disrespected. (Tu/Dazhi Image Associated Press)

As the big brother of the Lakers and the face of the league, LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the focuses of the conversation; some critics have previously pointed out that James is the cover star who took over the torch from Kobe Bryant. , has always lacked that “Mamba Mentality”; in this regard, agent Rich Paul also made it clear in a recent conversation that not everyone has Mamba Mentality.

James từng bị nhiều người chỉ trích vì “thiếu nét Mamba”. (Ảnh/sao chép từ @kingjames IG)

James has been criticized by many people for “lack of Mamba traits.” (Picture/reproduced from @kingjames IG)

During the conversation with the well-known athlete Shannon Sharpe, Rich Paul talked about the so-called “Mamba traits”; in his opinion, the evaluation of Mamba traits is a matter of opinion, let alone that it suddenly happened after Bryant. Defined broadly, it seems to appear out of nowhere. The biggest reason why James is not recognized by some of the “older generation” players is that in 2003, when James landed in the league as the “strongest No. 1 pick”, he stole many people’s spotlight and attention. To.

During the conversation, Sharp also talked about the differences between James, Bryant and Michael Jordan, among which “being friendly to other players” became the biggest key. Upon hearing this, Rich Paul nodded in approval and revealed that he had talked to James about this matter more than once; in Rich Paul’s view, familiarity can bring disrespect.

James and Bryan have very different leadership styles. (Photo/Dazhi Image Associated Press)

“That’s why he always gets such treatment,” Fu Paul said with a little helplessness. James doesn’t get enough respect just because he is too good to the people around him and gets along with everyone around him. Fu Paul believes that if you get enough respect from someone, Walking by without talking to him will make people want to talk to you more. On the contrary, there will be a lack of distance due to excessive familiarity.

It is worth mentioning that regarding the differences between James and Brian, “Warcraft” Howard (Dwight Howard) also briefly shared on the show before; in terms of leadership style, James appears to be relatively approachable, while Brian ” It took many years for Howard to understand that this behavior was not because he was unwilling to deal with his teammates, but because as the leader of the team, Brian hoped that young players could practice more diligently. Without being indifferent, I can honestly say that this is the reason for Brian’s success.

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