Jordan Poole wanted to emulate Stephen Curry… but it went wrong!

The Wizards guard left one of the best moments of the day with a failed attempt at celebration

The Wizards’ victory in Washington against the Grizzlies not only marked the second for the Capitol team and the third defeat for Memphis. The meeting left one of the most curious images of the day, with Jordan Poole, its new star, as the protagonist.

The former guard of the Warriors, NBA champion in 2022, wanted to emulate his former mentor, Stephen Curry, by launching a three-pointer from the corner and celebrating it ahead of time. He turned to look at the rival bench, but the ball did not end up going in, which sparked comments on the Grizzlies bench.

Poole, an expert in scoring from medium and long distance, trusted that he would leave one of the images of the day, but it was for the worse. Even so, his team, the Wizards, won (106-113) and certified a good start to the season.


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