Michael Jordan’s Custom Superyacht – $800,000 a Week to Keep Cruising

Michael Jordan, once of the Chicago Bulls, bought the yacht “Joy” for over $80 million due to his passion for luxury vessels. The former player must pay $800,000 every week, or $3.2 million per month, just to keep the ship afloat.


After leaving the bench in 2003, Jordan focused on expanding his fortune, and in 2016, he bought the “Joy,” a 230-foot-long, 10-foot-wide superyacht.

The yacht offers eight rooms, an indoor jacuzzi, a theater, a spa, and a restaurant. In addition, there’s a penthouse suite, an executive office, and a terrace with a breathtaking panorama.


In addition, Jordan spent a lot of money on a basketball court and a gym so that he could keep in shape and remember his glory days.


A permanent staff of 19 is needed to maintain the ship’s capacity of 12 passengers.

Being the savvy businessman that he is, Jordan has also found a way to profit from the boat by renting it out to the highest bidder for $840,000 per week.

Although the “Joy” is the largest yacht in Michael Jordan’s fleet, it is not the only one. The former Bulls guard dropped $21 million for the infamous “Mr. Terrible” in 2022.

The latter is 154 feet in length and has an inside bar, dining room, and deck for al fresco meals.


Even after all that, “His Airness” retains ownership of another yacht, the “Catch 32,” which is valued at around $7 million.

Although Jordan’s primary usage for the boat is fishing, it is also a high-end luxury vessel.

The fоrmer NBа stаr’s net wоrth оf $3 billiоn lаnded him оn the Fоrbes 400 list оf the weаlthiest persоns in the United Stаtes.He hоlds а shаre in the Miаmi Mаrlins оf Mаjоr Leаgue Bаsebаll аnd hаs been spоnsоred by Nike, Cоcа-Cоlа, Chevrоlet, аnd McDоnаld’s, аmоng оthers. He аlsо previоusly оwned the Chаrlоtte Hоrnets оf the Nаtiоnаl Bаsketbаll аssоciаtiоn.

Both a restaurant group and a car dealership group with Nissan franchises are under his control.

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