NBA: Stephen Curry brother, Seth, will most likely be fired from the Dallas Mavericks for this reason, making many people regretful

NBA: Stephen Curry’s brother would be fired from Dallas Mavericks for this unusual reason

Steph Curry Jokes He Hopes Seth Curry's Shots Go in Vs. Warriors in Playoffs

The 33-year-old guard would be involved in a scandal due to an alleged video in which he appears consuming nar:co:tics

Sixers add Seth Curry in trade with Mavericks |

Curry is in a new campaign with Dallas / AP

Controversies and embarrassments have been the order of the day in recent NBA campaigns, several players have starred in behavioral events that have been made public on social networks and in the end they end up taking their toll, this Sunday it was announced that the brother of star Stephen Curry, Seth, a Dallas Mavericks player, is involved in an unusual action for which he could be fired from this team.

Seth Curry - 2012-13 - Men's Basketball - Duke University

According to information published by the TMZ Sports portal, Seth Curry would have been fired from the Texan quintet after a video of the shooting guard went viral on social networks in which he apparently lightened by consuming “Lean”, which is known as red sizzurp or purple drank, a drink of recreational drugs, which is prepared by mixing cough or cold syrup. Likewise, he was smoking ma:rijua:na, according to the data provided.

At the moment nothing has been made official about this case, which involves one of Steph’s brothers in a rather complicated situation.

During the start of this 2023-2024 NBA campaign, Curry averages 2.3 points per game, with a low 35.7% shooting from the field, in addition to 1 rebound per game wearing the Mavericks colors.

Seth Curry Reveals Why He Doesn't Prefer to Join Steph Curry - Inside the Warriors

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