New: Video of Steph Curry just doing the unthinkable with Dillon Brooks, causing Steph to cover his face and scream

Steph Curry Juked Dillon Brooks Out of His Shoes So Badly That Even Steph Was Impressed

Houston Rockets fall to Golden State Warriors in home opener

Stephen Curry brought Halloween fright to Dillon Brooks a couple of days early when the Warriors and Rockets matched up on Sunday night.

Late in the fourth quarter, Curry led the Warriors on an impressive 12–2 run, drilling four consecutive three-pointers to put the game away.

Before Curry’s flurry, Golden State’s lead was just 88–87 with five minutes to play. Two minutes and four Curry threes later, it was 100–89 and the Warriors could shift into cruise control.

The wildest of Curry’s threes was his fourth of the run. Obviously already shooting hot, Curry pulled out a mean crossover that got defender Dillon Brooks moving in the wrong direction. When Brooks attempted to recover, Curry fooled him again, holding his shot until Brooks had already flown past him through the air.

And then? Swish.

It was a move so good even Curry appeared to struggle to comprehend what he had just done.

Fans went wild over Curry’s move, especially because it came against one of the NBA’s defensive villains.

With the 106–95 win, Curry and the Warriors moved to 2–1 on the season. They will be in action again on Monday night facing the Pelicans.

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