No more relying solely on Curry! Paul leads the Warriors with an incredible performance

Chris Paul帶起替補陣,勇士不用只單靠Stephen Curry。(NBA Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Chris Paul leads the bench and the Warriors don’t have to rely solely on Stephen Curry. (NBA photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

After losing to the Phoenix Suns in the opening match of the 2023-24 NBA, the Golden State Warriors won the next 3 away games, including recent confrontations, Stephen Curry, whose hot spot is of course the key However , the Warriors’ bench performance was even more refreshing.

After 4 games, the Warriors’ reserve squad has a net performance value of +9.9, ranking 3rd in the rankings, and how rare is this number for the Warriors? In the past 30 seasons, the Warriors’ bench has only had a positive performance value in 6 seasons, including the last 4 seasons they won the championship, the best bench performance value in 4 seasons This championship was in 2017 at +2.9.


2017 was Kevin Durant’s first season with the Warriors. The Warriors that year were considered one of the strongest teams in history. Not only did they win 67 games in the regular season, but they also won 67 games in the playoffs. An incredible victory ratio of 16 wins and 1 loss.

Of course, we’re only four games into the new season, so it’s too early to say the Warriors’ reserve squad is top-notch, but if Chris Paul stays healthy, he’ll have a chance to continue leading the charge. The Warriors’ second team performed well. In terms of competitiveness, Paul’s cumulative net score of +46 since the beginning of the season ranked first on the team and ranked 10th in the rankings.

What is worth noting is that in the past, Curry often had difficulty leaving the field and there is a very clear difference in the new season. When Curry was on the court this season, the Warriors had a net worth of +3.2. Incredibly when he is on the court, the Warriors have a net rating of +3.2. It jumps to +23.4 when he’s not on the court, meaning the Warriors can continue to crush opponents after Curry retires.

Curry also said in a recent interview: “This is very different for us. When you see the reserves play well, it energizes you.”


Another stat worth pondering is that to date, the Warriors have only had one player whose net performance went from positive to negative after leaving the game, that person being Paul, when he was on the field, his performance The team’s net is +18.2. away from the game, it became -4.7, which would seem to mean he had a huge impact on the Warriors’ win.

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