So sad! Jo Koy broke the silence about her experience hosting the Golden Globes and gave a surprising explanation about the Taylor Swift bombshell…

So sad!

Jo Koy broke the silence about her experience hosting the Golden Globes and gave a surprising explanation about the Taylor Swift bombshell…

Jo Koy Admits Taylor Swift Joke at Golden Globes Was 'Weird'

Count Jo Koy as one of those people who thought his Golden Globes performance was nothing short of a disaster.

“I think I did OK considering the circumstances,” he said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Koy only had 10 days to prepare. He told the Times that the writers had only been chosen eight days before the show; there’s no writers’ room until two days before, and the monologues are done the day before.

Jo Koy Goes on Apology Tour to Clean Up Golden Globes Disaster

“We were still writing until they said we were live,” Koy said. “Really cold read, never got a chance to do anything. And it’s not an excuse, I’m just trying to paint the picture because I don’t think people understand, in any situation, how is that geared towards winning? If you wrote the situation down on a piece of paper and said, ‘Do you want to do this?’ I guarantee everyone would say ‘No’. I’m glad I did because I accepted the challenge.”

Jo Koy admits Taylor Swift Golden Globes joke fell 'flat' after backlash

Koy said, “I would give myself an A-plus just based on courage [to host the show]. I’ll hit it a million times, anyone you think can do it, I’m telling you now they said no and I didn’t. I see it from a different point of view. The history of the show is 81 years. That’s 81 hosts and some repeats. I’m the first Asian to host a solo show. It’s 2024, I’m the first of 81 years. Sandra Oh was the first co-host, but I was the first solo host. Imagine if someone had said yes before me, we would still be at the 82nd Golden Globes and there would still be no Asians hosting solos, so if I didn’t say yes, there never would be.”

Jo Koy Doubles Down on "Intent" Behind Taylor Swift Golden Globes Joke

The only joke that didn’t fall on deaf ears, but did stir up a hornet’s nest, involved Taylor Swift. She wasn’t amused by references to her high NFL television profile while watching her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

“I don’t understand the Taylor [Swift] tiff,” Koy said. “Mind you, that one was just rewritten 50 million times, never finished, until we had to leave. It’s so strange, where you put it, and we keep hammering it and chopping it down. But the point of the joke was to poke fun at the NFL. It’s like, the cool thing about the [Golden] Globes is that we don’t have to make cuts for the rankings. What hurts the most is that I just support Taylor, I support her, I love her work. I have a nephew who I bought tickets for. There was no ill will in that joke. The joke was about the NFL and how they continue to use [her] shortcuts. And it’s an obvious reason why.

“I didn’t say anything that no one else said, and it was obviously a joke. It’s about the NFL. It seems like out of everything that has happened, this is what you chose to pursue. I don’t understand why because it’s fun when I go out. Robert De Niro was dying, and I saw him and his wife hitting his back and smiling and laughing and he was laughing. And when I did the whole 80-year-old thing, he loved it. And it’s fun. I was like, man, this guy is so fun. And then I did that [Swift] joke and I was like, what just happened?”