So what if you lose your shoes? After LeBron put on his shoes, he dunked under the basket in a “one-stop” manner!

United States / Reported by Lin Chunpei

There is a saying: Ginger is spicy when it is old! The oldest active player in the American Professional Basketball Association, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, continues to verify this statement with his strength! Today (2) he led the team to engage in the “Los Angeles Civil War” with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Not only did he score a season-high 35 points, he also performed a very exaggerated goal during the game! Originally, James’ shoes were loose. After he passed the ball to his teammates, he stayed in the backcourt to put on his shoes. As soon as his shoes were put on, he suddenly rushed to the penalty area, received the ball and performed a “one-handed slam dunk”! The super explosive power made all the fans in the audience dumbfounded!

Ginger is old and spicy! So what if I’m the oldest! James LeBron can definitely say this! LeBron James led the Lakers to challenge the Clippers, and the bearded Harden also came to support, but he supported future teammates Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook. Unexpectedly, “Turtle” was slapped so hard by James during the game! The event anchor said: “Westbrook was blocked by James. Is this man too old to do this? It’s so ridiculous. He is really exaggerating.”

The 38-year-old James is definitely not old and will never give in to old age. The Los Angeles civil war between the “Purple and Gold Army” and the “Invincible Ship” continued all the way to the overtime. Whether LeBron was shooting a mid-range jumper or stepping back from the three-point range Show off your beauty with ease! But the most ridiculous thing is definitely this ball! The event anchor said: “One of his shoes fell off and he was putting it back on. No matter how good he is, he still needs a pair of shoes.

He came in and bombed the basket as soon as he put on his shoes.” Who can say he is old! Come out and apologize! LeBron James puts on his shoes so fast. He can even run 100 meters to the penalty area in a blink of an eye. After slamming the rim with one hand, he then leisurely ends up tying his shoelaces… It’s strange, what’s wrong with this guy? So exaggerated? Even when the two teams play for an extended period, he won’t get tired at all!

The event anchor said: “The Lakers’ scoring opportunity was Reaves’ alley-oop from James, and another tomahawk slam dunk.” James burned the “old universe” and scored 35 points in 42 minutes, setting a league record again after the age of 35. , LeBron has scored at least 30 points in 81 games, the most in NBA history. He also led the Lakers to defeat the Clippers 130-125, welcoming a long-awaited victory.

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