Stephen Curry’s Impressive Supercar Collection

If legendary hall-of-famers like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Allen Iverson can be considered the certified players of the old school NBA, then Stephen “Steff” Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant are undoubtedly the leaders of the new school. And although football (soccer) outclasses basketball as the most popular, most watched sport in the world with 3.5 billion fans compared to basketball’s 800 million fans, according to World Atlas; the name Steph Curry reverberates through all realms of sport. The 34 year-old currently holds a net worth of $160 million and has solidified himself as the 3-point king, making him a hot commodity in the NBA and a valuable player for the Warriors. Besides his investments in his own production company called Unanimous Media and a pricey watch collection, Curry has also splurged on a few expensive vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at Steph Curry’s luxurious car collection.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS – $187,000

Although 6’2″ is considered tall amongst people of average height, it’s actually considered average in the NBA in comparison to other NBA giants such as Boban Marjanovic of the Dallas Mavericks, Tacko Fall of the Boston Celtics, and Bol Bol of the Orlando Magic team. But what Curry lacks in height on the court, he makes up for in speed and agility, much like his 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. According to Car Expert, the two-door coupe was released to the Australian market in 2015 and was picked up by Curry for a cool $187,000. The exceptional sports car is powered by a 4-liter 6-cylinder engine with a top speed of 193 mph. It also carries a 7-speed auto dual clutch and is built for speed!

Porsche Panamera Turbo S – $150,000

They say if it’s nice, do it twice, just like Curry shooting 3’s from the half-court line! But his bold and ambitious style of playing is also reflected off the court by the cars he chooses to drive. The Ohio native has, despite relentless backlash and criticism, has proven to be his own by not following the trend to purchase Ferrari sports cars like his fellow NBA members, such as Devin Booker, Ben Simmons, and the G.O.A.T. himself, Michael Jordan. Instead, he opted for another Porsche, this time a Panamera Turbo S, priced at $150,000. According to the Porsche website, the Panamera Turbo S is even faster than the 911 GT3 RS, with a top speed of 196 mph and a max power of 620 hp. From the design to the specifications, the vehicle offers a nice blend of class and luxury with speed and power, which is likely the reason why the four-time NBA Championship winner chose this beautiful beast.

Mercedes Benz G55 – $123,600

If you’ve ever wondered why the Mercedes Benz G55 is one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the world, just ask the long list of celebrities who have one tucked away in their garage. It’s tough and masculine appearance is owned by some of Hollywood’s most stereotypical masculine men, such as actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, and the Rocky franchise star actor Sylvester Stallone. Curry also has his own, being that he is a top tier player in one oft the most competitive sports in the world. The G55 is powered by a 5.5-litre supercharged AMG V8 engine with a 5-speed automatic transmission that is tough enough for any off-road track but also has enough torque to smoke a sports car!

Range Rover Sport LWB – $208,000

Most professional athletes and celebrities prefer to ride in style, and Steph Curry isn’t the exception. Heading the list of the most expensive SUV in his garage is the Range Rover Sport LWB, which he spent roughly $210,000 on. But there has to be something special about this SUV that would prompt the 3-point marksman to spend almost quarter of a million dollars to own it, right? The Range Rover Sport is an adaptive SUV fitted with dynamic air suspension, adaptive cruise control and steering assist, and powers to a top speed of 140-mph with the capability of going from 0-60-mph in just 5.7 seconds. Sure, it may be one of the most expensive SUVs a basketball player can own, but it’s worth it to have speed and comfortability for the family man.

2018 Infiniti Q50 – $35,200

In the same way that the PGA Tour champion, Tiger Woods, became the leading ambassador for the Buick, Steph Curry has been the global ambassador for Infiniti since 2017. And just like Woods, as a perk for using his star-power to promote their vehicle brand, Curry owns one of the company’s signature automobiles, the 2018 Infiniti Q50. Though it was designed to be a contender against Audi A4 and BMW 3-series, it honestly doesn’t come close to either of the two in luxury, style, or performance. The vehicle is sold in four different models, ranging from Pure, Luxe, Sport, and Hybrid Luxe and is priced between $35,200 and $51,600, according to Car and Driver. Backed by a standard 208-hp twin-turbocharged engine, as well as a 300-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 engine in other models, giving it a top speed of 155 mph.

Cadillac Escalade ESV – $76,990

Speaking of being a family man, Stephen Curry now has three beautiful children with his wife, actress Ayesha Curry, the last of which arrived in 2018. So, for this growing family, Curry would need a vehicle with some extra breathing room, and the Cadillac Escalade ESV is the ideal SUV of choice. The ESV model combines the best of both worlds in luxury, convenience, space, and driving performance. According to Clutch Points, the Curry paid $76,990 for the luxury SUV, making him a part of the club of celebrities who own these classy beauties, such as the Kardashians, Oscar-winning actress Regina King, Paris Hilton, and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez.

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