Thank goodness we have Stephen Curry left…

Thank goodness we have Stephen Curry left…

Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers add wins on the first night of Monday

Curry ăn mừng cú ăn ba của mình.

Curry celebrates his three-pointer. @ WARRIORS

There is no custom in a competition as promising and with as much talent as the NBA for its stars to have bad nights. Of failure and suffering. But it happened. Neither Damian Lillard, who had won the first game with a spectacular performance in the final minutes, shone (6 points with 2/12 shooting), nor Victor Wembanyama (11 points, but loss to the Clippers 123-83) with his landing in the League, nor the Los Angeles Lakers who filled their stars with minutes, but lost in overtime (132-127) against the brilliant Kings.

Thank goodness we have Stephen Curry left. The Warriors point guard has been gracing the regular season for as long as we can remember. In three nights he scores 30.7 points, 52% in field goals, 5.7 triples per game – for a success rate of 45% – and no personal errors. He beat Houston with a decisive throw… in which he knocked out Dillon Brooks, one of the best and most controversial defenders on the planet.

And no one was talking about Curry…

The NBA of LeBron James’ 21 seasons, of the signings… and of the Golden State Warriors, even though they are no longer the team with the four rings. They always compete and forget that bad start to the regular season last year with Stephen Curry’s early awakening. His four triples in the last quarter overwhelmed the Houston Rockets (95-106), scoring 24 points and 6/14 from long distance in 31 minutes of play. He didn’t need more.

It was the first substitute game in his life for Chris Paul, who received praise from the locker room. “It’s incredible the way he embraced being here from the beginning. From the first moment. Something like what Andre Iguodala did all these years. When a veteran, great player, All-Star… shows that sacrifice and marks the tone for the entire team,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

“It’s incredible how Chris Paul embraced everything from the first moment”

Lillard’s black night

Less partying in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bucks fell to the Atlanta Hawks (110-127), punished by the lack of success of their star signing, Damian Lillard. He went from shining and winning at the buzzer at the start of the season to not being found. 6 points, 16.7% accuracy, 6 losses and -29 in his plus-minus rating on the court.

Lillard đưa bóng lên.

Lillard raises the ball.LAPRESSE

It is one of the problems of a player like that. He is able to determine a team from the throw, but mistakes are paid more by his own shooting nature. Nothing incendiary, he will have better nights and Milwaukee will shine again after suffering with Trae Young (20+11) and company.

The Kings knock down LeBron and Davis

It wasn’t the night of LeBron James and Anthony Davis either. They played a lot in the game that went to overtime against the Sacramento Kings (132-127) but it was insufficient. The ‘king’ played 39 minutes, with 27 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists and ‘AD’ finished with 30 points and 16 rebounds in 42 minutes. Atrocious things to be in the third year of the course… and not win the prize.

LeBron brought out his greatness and with a basket sent the game to overtime, but there they received Kevin Huerter’s triple and the brutal numbers of the Sacramento star, DeAaron Fox: 37 points, 8 assists, 14/24 in shots. field and 15 up when he stepped on the court. Show.

We already knew that Wembanyama was going to lose many games

Nor are they smiling in Victor Wembanyama’s San Antonio Spurs. We knew they were going to lose a lot of games, although the beatings hurt a lot. The Los Angeles Clippers brought the Frenchman back to earth, in a game that they already won by 19 points at halftime (56-37, 24′). Wembanyama was not at his best and set his numbers at 11 points and 5 rebounds in 26 minutes of play.

Wembanyama, in action.LAPRESSE

“We will learn…” – Victor Wembanyama

It was his first away game in his career and it wasn’t good. Without scoring from the triple (0/2), with five turnovers and surpassed by Kawhi Leonard (21 points) and Paul George (19), who as long as their health is respected will be a first-tier team. “We will learn,” summarized the French prodigy at the end.

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