The 2023 net worth of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, the superstar of the Golden State Warriors, is without a doubt one of the most accomplished athletes of this time. However, we’re examining Stephen Curry’s 2023 net worth in this particular post. The 14-year NBA veteran has already amassed a long record of achievements deserving of induction into the Hall of Fɑme, including four NBA titles, two MVP awards, one MVP in the Finals, nine selections to the All-Star Game, four selections to the All-NBA First Team, and many more. With the most 3-pointers ever made, Curry is already regarded as the best shooter in history. In 2023, Stephen Curry will have a $160M net worth.

In 2023, How much will Stephen Curry be worth? $160M

Curry is going to be remembered as one of the all-time great point guards. In 2023, Stephen Curry will have a $160M net worth.

Stephen Curry gets an offer

Over the course of 15 seasons with the Golden State Warriors, Curry has earned $354,721,977. With two seasons left on his contract, his total compensation will come to $470,090,010.

Stephen Curry’s 2023 Pay

In 2022–2023 he began a four-year agreement valued at over $215 million, which paid him a salary of over $48M. He will make around $60 million in the last season of this agreement, which is 2025–2026.

The Early Career Earnings of Stephen Curry

With a salary of $92.8 million, Stephen Curry ranked No. 5 in Forbes’ 2022 list of the world’s highest-paid sportsmen. His salary is $45.8 million, and he makes an additional $47M off the court. The only basketball player ranked higher on the list is LeBron James.

Curry completed the $201M contract he signed in 2017 with the Warriors, which was the first $200M agreement in NBA history, in 2022.

The Brand Endorsements of Stephen Curry

Curry has been using his fɑme, much like any other well-known athlete in their peak, by signing deals and partnering with major companies. Curry has represented Under Armour as a brand ambassador since 2013.

All of these will increase Stephen Curry’s wealth in 2023.

In 2015, Curry extended his contract with Unilever/Degree and inked a three-year endorsement deal with Brita, a manufacturer of water filters. In 2017, Curry also joined forces with JPMorgan Chase and was appointed an Infiniti ambassador. Along with signing agreements with Palm and Rakuten, he also teamed with FTX in 2021—a move that ultimately backfired.

The Business Investments of Stephen Curry

Curry expanded his horizons even more when he founded SC30, a business that oversees his partnerships and interests. As the executive producer of the movie “Jump Shot,” which first reached a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2018 before inking a massive deal with Comcast NBCUniversal in 2021, he has also experimented in the world of film production with Unanimous Media. Curry will play the lead in a comedy series on NBC in the near future.

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