The camera accidentally recorded Lebron James’ “special” action before Jaren Jackson Jr.’s foul..

Sometimes, even a “King” doesn’t know his strength.

On Tuesday, NBA fans were treated to a lot of action. There were ten in-season tournament games, including a Golden State Warriors-Minnesota Timberwolves brawl where Draymond Green seemingly tried to choke out Rudy Gobert — yes, that REALLY happened.

LeBron James: 'My decision was based solely on my family and the Lakers'

While all that was going on, the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies met for the first time this season. Cameras and nearby mics happened to catch LeBron James and Jaren Jackson Jr. in a one-on-one matchup, where James quickly moved to grab a ball coming his way.

LeBron James' rise to global basketball star to be displayed in museum in hometown of Akron, Ohio | The Independent

To the shock of no one but LeBron James, he tossed poor Jaren Jackson Jr. to the floor like he doesn’t weigh over 240 pounds.

Pull it together, LeBron!


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