The girl was shocked when she realized her idol LeBron James was sitting next to her. The girl’s unexpected reaction was remarkable

As if anyone needed any more proof that LeBron James is adored by so many people

A video of a young basketball fan’s surprise at discovering she was sitting next to the greatest player of all time went viral after it was shared online.

According to CNN, Gaia, a tiny girl, attended the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors and received the best seat in the house.

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer was ruled out due to an ankle ιnjury, but he wasn’t about to miss out on the action.

A man in a denim jacket and a green beanie nonchalantly moved by the 12-year-old girl sitting courtside to take a seat.

Gaia did a rapid mentаl calculation as soon as she noticed who had taken the seat next to her.

LeBron James, the one and only

Unable to suρρress her shоck and exhilaration, the young fan covered her mouth to hide her feelings from the gigantic man. She was, however, unable to do so.

Even while seated, the NBA veteran towered over the individual in the seat next to him.

Fans couldn’t get enough of her reaction when it was captured on video by television cameras and broadcast by the NBA’s Twitter account in a viral moment.

One guy commented, “Perfect response for sitting next to the goat!”

Someone another commented, “This is the only correct reaction when King James sits next to you.”

A third individual said, “She’s no different than me [for real].”

Gaia was able to communicate with Lisa Salters, an ESPN reporter covering the game from the sidelines.

“When he ended up sitting down here,” Gaia explained to the reporter, “it’s obvious that I’m not as tall as him, so I could only see his shoes.”

“Then I look up, and there’s LeBron James sitting next to me, and what’s going through my mind is, ‘Oh my God, the greatest player of all time in basketball is sitting next to me!’”

“I just completely lose it, and all that’s going through my head is, ‘Oh my goodness, this is probably the best moment of my life.’”

That is a very logical response.

Gaia revealed that the tickets were given to her with the idea that she would be able to see LeBron break his record during that game.

She was quite sad that she couldn’t watch James play at all.

But there is little doubt that this experience more than compensated.

She even got to meet the NBA legend, and the Lakers even published a photo of the two of them together after the game.

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