The Oakland Hills estate known as Kevin Durant’s Living Legend Mansion is valued at $75 million

Once owned by basketball legend Kevin Durant, who played for the struggling Golden State Warriors in their later years, this gorgeous property is set atop the Oakland Hills.

The mansion he had been renting out is being sold off-market for $5,998,888.

With seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a spacious 9,084 square feet, 4614–4616 Rockingham Court is undoubtedly a mansion (the average maniker is commonly described as any property of 10,000 square feet or more, but who’s counting?). Floor-to-ceiling windows, an in-home theatre, a circular driveway, a curved staircase leading to the upper and lower levels, and a private half court are all features of this spacious home.

With a beautiful green lawn and a concrete patio, the backyard is rather extravagant. The glass doors at the entrance are truly stunning, evoking memories of Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Rosa in Beverly Hills, minus the overabundance of pink and flowers. The front doors match those of Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills residence, Villa Rosa.

The two distinct apartments on the site were created by Michael Burgess, who designed the building in 2005. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video tour of the house with Keſin Durant here.

By getting in touch with Andrea Gordon at Coмpass, you can arrange a viewing of this property.

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