Used to laugh at them!! Entrepreneur Ayesha Curry admits ridicule helped her build a $20 million business empire

Ayesha Curry’s family proved to be an invaluable support system, and their role should not be overlooked. By now, everyone is familiar with how much Ayesha does not like to be limited to just the ‘wife of Stephen Curry’. She has succeeded in that. Now, everybody knows her as Ayesha Curry, one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs. But that is just one of the many hats she dons. More famously known for her culinary skills, her foremost passion remains that of a chef. Then comes an author, an entertainer, and finally, an entrepreneur.

Yet she gives each of these responsibilities the necessary attention. On top of that, she ensures her family gets quality time with her. Mother of three, wife to Stephen Curry, sister-in-law to Sydel and Seth, sister to her three siblings, aunt – the list goes on. One of her more loved enterprises is probably Sweet July.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry share sweet anniversary messages on Instagram

Sweet July and Ayesha Curry

Started as a craft of sorts, it has now grown into a mainstream beauty, apparel, and skincare line. Sweet July Skin was a project that Ayesha and her team spent well over three years making. And the results are worth it. Hailing from Jamaica, Ayesha saw that there wasn’t a specific skincare brand that catered solely to Jamaican beauty.

And that’s what kick-started her journey into a world of research, late nights, and product trials. Of course, the copyright might have to be given to her grandma and mom for this idea. Talking to Barrons about her home, she admits that she “used to laugh at them back then but have since become a believer.” But now, this very idea has helped her create a $20 million empire.

As the Director of Marketing for Sweet July, Rian Worm says, “It is a celebration of her Jamaican roots and Jamaican culture.”

Ayesha’s determination to not make this into just another profitable venture was highly rewarding. Not to mention sentimental. It was her baby. And to watch it go out into the world and be embraced wholeheartedly would surely bring a tear to anyone’s eyes.

Behind the scenes of Sweet July Skin

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The skincare extension of Sweet July was created because Ayesha Curry realized there were no Jamaican skincare products available in the market. The amount of work she and her team had to put into bringing this full-scale was no easy feat. It is fair to say that except for Ayesha, everyone else was in doubt.

But Ayesha was not one to back down from a challenge. Starting with a clean lab, she and her gang would spend nights well into early morning trying to perfect ingredients. The tips and tricks her grandmother and mother gave were definitely not enough to launch these items into the mainstream public. And so, they turned to research. They learned all that is there to know about indigenous Jamaican superfoods and how they can be integrated into a cleanser, toner, or serum.

Steph Curry Shares Sweet Photo Series of Wife Ayesha

yesha’s family played a crucial role in being her support system. More often than not, they offered to be trial subjects. Her grandma and mom also chipped in with their nuggets of wisdom. In summary, Sweet July Skin is the closest to Ayesha’s heart. Not just in terms of the cultural and personal significance, but as an initiative that has Black women as the focus.


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