“Just Trade Half Their Roster”: LeBron James and Co Suggested to Dissipate After Lakers’ 7th Loss in 10 Games

“Just Trade Half Their Roster”: LeBron James and Co Suggested to Dissipate After Lakers’ 7th Loss in 10 Games

The Utah Jazz secured their fifth consecutive victory by defeating the shorthanded Lakers 132-125. LeBron James, nursing pain in his left ankle, opted to sit on the bench, marking his fourth absence this season. Lauri Markkanen led the charge for the Jazz with 27 points. Filling the void left by James, D’Angelo Russell delivered a stellar performance, notching up an impressive 39 points.

Five other Lakers players achieved double-digit scores in addition to Russell. Austin Reaves contributed 19 points. Anthony Davis recorded a modest triple-double, securing 15 points, 11 assists, and 15 rebounds.

Lakers fans’ discontent showcases a new high

As the Lakers found themselves entangled in another losing streak, frustrated fans didn’t hold back in criticizing the team. @BGNHoops swiftly offered a bold suggestion, recommending the franchise to trade away half of the squad and introduce fresh faces to salvage the season. Their tweet read, “Lakers are now 19-21. They need to do what the Cavs did in 2018 and just trade half their roster. The only way to save their season IMO.”


In the aftermath of Anthony Davis shouldering the loss, @DavidK_100 proposed that Davis isn’t the issue; instead, it’s the rest of the Lakers squad.


Supporting this perspective, @Lakerschipp shared an image of Kobe Bryant navigating a contested jumper in traffic, symbolizing Davis’ struggles in the game.


@KobeLA3825 labeled the Lakers’ 2023-24 campaign as a season of missed opportunities due to losing the game while having multiple chances to take over.


Amidst the prevailing criticism, a glimmer of optimism emerged as the Lakers maintained a 19-21 record this season, mirroring their performance over the first 40 games of the previous season.


Reflecting on the past, the Lakers underwent significant lineup changes at the trade deadline last year. However, achieving similar numbers with a reinforced lineup appears to be a step backward. Nevertheless, with the trade season in full swing, anticipation surrounds the Lakers’ potential moves.

Anthony Davis Breaks 18 Year Old NBA Record in Lakers 135-125 Loss vs Jazz

Free throws flipped the game for the LeBron James-less Lakers

Throughout the game, the Lakers shot the ball extremely well. Thanks to Russell’s hot hand and Davis’ extra effort to make the open passes, they made 50% shots from the field. The Jazz managed to convert only 45.2% of their shots. Moreover, the Lakers also triumphed in the 3-ball game, posting an efficiency of 44.8% against the Jazz’s 32.4% Additionally, the Lakers converted more shots than the opposing squad.

However, the Lakers faced a pivotal moment at the free-throw line. Favored for visits to the charity stripes in their latest game against Toronto Raptors, the Lakers found themselves on the other end of the narrative. They attempted 24 free throws and made 20. On the other hand, Jazz outscored them significantly, sinking 36 of their 39 attempts from the line. The Lakers broadcasters even referred to Darko Rajakovic’s explosive rant when they displayed the free throw statistic after the game.

While the Lakers dropped to 19-21, the Jazz improved to 21-20. Do you agree with the stance that the fans have taken on this Lakers side? Is a clear out the only way to salvage their season?