Lakers Trade Rumors: Darvin Ham’s Future Reportedly Sealed, as the LA Team Making a Serious Push for Dejounte Murray Amid Interests From Another Team

Lakers Trade Rumors: Darvin Ham’s Future Reportedly Sealed, as the LA Team Making a Serious Push for Dejounte Murray Amid Interests From Another Team

The Lakers are at their wit’s end trying to ramp up their 19-20 record. In the last 16 games they have played, Lakers Nation has been able to secure only five wins. For a while, it also appeared as if their performance was reflected by the internal turmoil that had plagued the team. Meaning that there was dissatisfaction regarding HC Darvin Ham’s contributions or lack thereof. Atop the many injuries that were slowing the team down, there had been a disconnect in the locker room mainly due to Coach Ham switching up the starting lineups too often.

As disappointment grew, it seemed like his time in the team would be cut short. However, according to recent developments, it could very well be the opposite. The Lakers are also in dire need of revamping the team, and the Hawks‘ Dejounte Murray‘s name is rumored to be on the table.

Good news for HC Darvin Ham as faith hasn’t been lost

Darvin had signed a four-year contract with the Lakers in June 2022, but when news surfaced that the Lakers were falling apart, it seemed that he would be let go before completing his tenure. This belief has been disregarded as according to sources, the Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, and President of Basketball Operations Rob Pelinka have assured him that there is nothing to worry about his position in the team. They continue to put their trust in Coach Ham and are still keen on retaining him.


On a more positive note, things are looking up for the Lakers as HC Ham shares, “I speak to Rob every day, and we’re always discussing ways to improve our team and what we can do better as a coaching staff. It’s an open dialogue that I embrace and that is helpful. We’re all trying to get this right, and we will.”

As the Lakers struggle to make an impact, they are looking to restructure the team and have their target locked on the Raptors’ guard Dejounte Murray.

The Lakers are seriously considering Dejounte

It is no secret that LA’s Purple and Gold are desperately in need of a solid guard who is agile and can run the offense for them. There are undoubtedly many players on the list being considered, but Dejounte’s name pops up as the most likely candidate. Of course, apart from the Lakers, there are other teams on the lookout for Dejounte including the Raptors.

Jeanie Buss Constant Support to “Thankful” Darvin Ham Gives Lakers Coach a Positive Hope: “Encouraging Me, Asking Me…”

However, the Lakers might have an edge over any other team, because he is represented by Klutch Sports, the same agency representing Bron and AD. So, there could be some support from within for Dejounte.

At the end of the day, it will boil down to what the Lakers are willing to offer for Dejounte Murray.

Will Dejounte be the miracle the Lakers need? Who do you think they should offer up in exchange for him? Let us know in the comments below!