LeBron James unexpectedly ‘called out’ in YSL’s ‘gang behavior’ trial.

YSL trial takes unexpected turn with attorney bringing up LeBron James’ ‘slime’ video

LeBron James

LeBron James’ “slime” handshake brought up in YSL trial

LeBron James has been named in the YSL trial, where rapper Young Thug and several other men have been accused of several criminal acts. One of the ongoing themes of the case revolves around the rapper using his Young Slime Life record label as a front for gang activities.

After YSL member Trontavious “Tick” Stephens accepted a plea deal in 2022, he has appeared in court, where he has testified about the case. The clips have continued to go viral; however, in the second half of the week, an interesting turn occurred.

Attorneys questioned Stephens about a particular handshake four-time NBA champion LeBron James did, where he used the term “slime.” James has used the term on more than one occasion, once with Ja Morant in the locker room at the All-Star Game and once with a teammate.

“What do you remember LeBron James doing with each individual teammate that you described?” the attorney asked. “And tell the jury, did one of them include wiping nose, saying slime?”

Check out the video of the exchange.

LeBron James’ handshakes with his teammates, and the handshake referenced in the YSL trial

LeBron James has generated plenty of attention over the years for his pregame rituals with teammates. For many years, James has had a tradition of making up a unique handshake with every teammate.

Year after year, season after season, videos continue to emerge of James dapping up his teammates in unique fashion. In December, shortly before the start of the new year, James was filmed in the tunnel shaking all of his teammates’ hands.

He started with a team employee standing by the door before moving on to big man Jaxon Hayes and then Max Christie. At the end of his handshake with Christie, the pair both raised a finger under their noses and said “Slime.”

At the time, the video went viral, with fans joking about the tradition and others cracking jokes about particular handshakes. Although the moment seemed to be good-natured fun, the “slime” phrase has now become a talking point in court.

Attorneys may be attempting to use the video of James, along with the trendy use of the “slime” nickname to prove it has no gang affiliation. The trial is currently on day 18, with the jury yet to reach a verdict.

The NBA community has kept an eye on the case given how popular Young Thug’s music has been. In addition to players like LeBron and Ja Morant using the “slime” phrase, the artist’s music is frequently used in arenas during warmups.