Jennifer Lopez reveals Ben Affleck Was a ‘Reluctant’ and ‘Silent Participant’ in Her New Documentary

The singer and actress said it was “scary” getting her husband involved in her candid new doc ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’


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Jennifer Lopez says it was “scary” working with her husband Ben Affleck on her new documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

On Monday, Lopez, 54, attended a special screening of the documentary at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, where she spoke about Affleck’s involvement in the tell-all Amazon Prime release, which sees the singer open up about her 20-year journey to self-love.

Admitting it was “very scary” to share her life and speak so candidly on camera, Lopez explained during a Q&A with producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, “The other scary part was that I was bringing into it my husband, who was kind of the reluctant participant, silent participant and all.”

“I just said to him during one of the parts of the movie, I was like, ‘Is this weird?’ He’s like, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘You’re crazy.’ I told him he was crazy, not me. But I know that I’m a crazy one. I get that part,” she continued. “But I really feel like as an artist, you have to be vulnerable. You have to, even when you’re playing a role, have to get down to the real parts of yourself to share what it’s like to be human. And that is a scary thing to do.”


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“I think people would think I’m so used to being in front of a camera and I’m quite comfortable with it, and that is true,” the “Can’t Get Enough” singer explained. “I am comfortable with it. But when you are kind of sharing your … you don’t have a script that you’re reading and playing a character or you’re not singing a song that you’ve written and is going to go out to the world, but you’re just living your life and really sharing your deepest thoughts, because that’s what you have to explore to tell this story and to do what you’re trying to do. That one for me was very scary.”

Despite calling Affleck, 51, “the reluctant participant” in the documentary, Lopez also admitted it was her husband’s idea to capture certain parts of her life.

“It wasn’t my idea to photograph every single moment of doing this. To be honest, when we started making the film, it just kind of got more and more bizarre and my husband, who had a front seat to the whole thing really, was the one who was like, ‘We should be capturing this,’ and he brought on this amazing team and that’s kind of how it happened.”


Jennifer lopez greatest love story never told amazon los angeles 02 26 24

In the documentary, Lopez and Affleck, who previously got engaged in 2002 before splitting in 2004, reflect on pressing pause on their relationship for nearly 20 years before rekindling their romance in the spring of 2021.

At one point during filming, Affleck asks his wife if she’s forgiven him, or is angry at him.

“I think I was angry at you for a long time,” she tells him in the documentary. “But that heartbreak set both of us on a course to figuring ourselves out to being better people. I think I’ve forgiven you all the way. I think I need to forgive myself [for] some things.”

The couple got engaged again in April 2022, before marrying in Las Vegas that July. They were then joined by friends and family at a picture-perfect ceremony in Georgia that August, where Lopez wore three different wedding dresses designed by Ralph Lauren.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles Premiere Of Amazon MGM Studios "This Is Me...Now: A Love Story"

Earlier this month, The Mother star broke down one of her wedding day looks as she discussed some of her iconic fashions over the past two decades in a video with Vogue.

In the video, Lopez flipped to a photo of herself during her nuptials wearing a version of Ralph Lauren’s classic turtleneck column dress that featured a thousand handkerchiefs to create a voluminous ruffle skirt.

“We got married down in Savannah, and I wanted it to be traditionally Latin, but also be kind of Southern Belle-ish at times,” Lopez revealed of the inspiration behind the look, before sharing that it was rather difficult to maneuver in.

“It had a long train that was so hard to walk in. It was so heavy,” she recalled.