Adam Schefter Exposes A Very Fishy Fact About Refs Who Totally Screwed Lions By Botching Game-Changing Call vs. Cowboys

ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared an interesting tidbit that makes the NFL and its officials look awfully bad right now.

The Detroit Lions’ game-winning two-point conversion try against the Dallas Cowboys late in Saturday’s game was called back on an “ineligible man downfield” penalty against offensive lineman Taylor Decker.

Adam Schefter and Brad Allen

However, video footage suggests that Decker indeed reported as eligible before the attempt. The Lions’ final two-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, and the Cowboys just barely squeezed out a 20-19 victory.

As Schefter noted, Brad Allen’s officiating crew was assigned to the Cowboys-Lions game. This is the same crew that, Schefter previously reported, was set to “be under increased scrutiny” for Week 14 after several missed calls in the Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay Packers Week 13 game.

Just another reminder that the NFL has a long way to go in fixing the quality of its officiating system…