Celebrities are skipping the line,’ Tesla fans rage after Pharrell Williams seen struggling to park his new Cybertruck

FANS flocked to the street to snatch pics of Pharrell Williams after the pop star was spotted struggling to parallel park his new Cybertruck.

The Happy singer was one of the first drivers to snatch the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, launched in November 2023, two years after its original release date.

Pharrell Williams recently took over as the Men's Creative Director of Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams recently took over as the Men’s Creative Director of Louis VuittonCredit: Getty

The Cybertruck's release has been widely criticized

The Cybertruck’s release has been widely criticizedCredit: Getty
Williams attempted to parallel park the nearly 19-foot-long truck outside of a Louis Vuitton facility in Miami, according to The New York Post.

Williams, the recently crowned Men’s Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, looks like he is getting used to the new wheels.

He struggled to properly place the car for around 10 minutes, The Post said.

After the struggle, Williams handed the keys to a valet and walked past curious onlookers into the store and design studio.

“That truck was never going to fit,” one of the onlookers, Roxana Gonzalez, told Business Insider.

Other car makers took the opportunity to chide the new electric truck.

Mercedes-Benz commented on a photo of the pop star on Instagram: “Our Active Parking Assist can help with that,” with a winking emoji.


Fans criticized the rollout of Tesla’s first pickup after the company failed to produce the car in its initially set timeframe.

The company said it would release the production vehicle by 2021, only to release the first ten Cybertrucks in November 2023.

The cars were also more than $20,000 over the originally promised MSRP.

Elon Musk estimated the Cybertruck would sell starting at $40,000 before accepting more than a million $100 refundable deposits for the pickup.

The car’s three variants range from $60,990 to just under $100,000.

He also claimed the vehicles were so waterproof that they could be used “briefly as a boat.” This has not been tested.


People took to X to say they feel shafted seeing celebrities drive the cars before other depositors.

“Celebrities are skipping the line,” one person on X claimed.

Another said: “A car for normal people… Celebs still get them first.”

It is not known if Williams was one of the first depositors for the Tesla truck.

Williams is the second celebrity spotted driving the electric truck.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian was also spotted driving the car.

Ohanian told Business Insider the car is one of the first that fit for a tall person.